Minutes of November 17, 1999 meeting

Roger Smith, Phyllis Palfy, Treadwell Atkins, Marc Forster, Lisa Lakhan, May Chin, Bouriana Zaharieva, Zoreh Bonianian, Joanna Karwowska, Ramon Negron, Martin Katz, Georgina Alonzo, Peter Anderson, Myriam Alami

We opened the meeting by discussing the filing away of older RU Reports. More information to follow. For now, suffice it to say that we were in agreement that any volumes older than 5 years should not be on reserve, and should be filed in special collections. Alexander is already involved in this process, and if we can proceed at other locations it should open up more space for us. It is a good summer project as well.

We began to discuss Electronic files on reserve. We foresee accepting articles, links, and other electronic formats in the neat future. As a group, we await more information on this topic from the electronic reserves working group. For now, we can accept URLs for links to material held on other servers. We can simply create the electronic reserve records in Workflows and add the 856 tag to include the destination URL for the desired link.

On the topic of electronic reserves, we await the updated procedures from the electronic reserve working group for the spring semester. We anticipate a more streamlined process for the unit staff.

Some concern was voiced over the possibility of two weeks of interruption in Workflow availability in early January, due to the upgrade. In response, we urged out constituent faculty members to please me mindful of the fact that reserve lists were due November 15th, and to hurry them in. If they follow their usual leisurely course in delivering them to us it will be some time into the next semester before material is available.

We await the arrival of the electronic reserve request form, and we will do our part in making faculty aware of its existence. Suggestions were taken into effect and I believe a better product will emerge because of our groups efforts, thank you.

Workflows 99.2 training is around the corner. If you have not already done so, please RSVP to 932-7505 for one of the following reserve section dates:

Let me know if you need those materials for training “Unicorn Workflows Academic Reserves Training Guide” Also, look over the material at http://www.libraries.edu/rulib/abtlib/libtas/cat/libstaff/z-srsuni.htm

I am working on establishing a contact at TSB for reserve book purchases; to better facilitate communications regarding purchased material for reserve. We also confirmed that Judy Gardner had related to me that most material requested for faculty for reserve is legitimate and should be ordered, regardless of its classification as a “textbook”.

We have decided to have our next meeting, December 15th, at a local restaurant for the holidays. Right now it looks like a “Chinese Buffet” that Treadwell recommended behind IHOP on Easton Ave. We will have to car pool and, of course, this is on our own dollar. It should be a great meeting and stay tuned for exact time and location details.

Thank you,

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