Minutes of March 11, 2003 meeting

Pat Bellanca, Stacy Dematteo, Marilyn Herod, Marty Katz, Kristen Ko, Christopher Lee, Andy Martinez(recorder), Mike Mansouri, Nita Mukherjee, Asuncion Ortiz, Will Torres, Drue Williamson, Don Wilson
Ines Gessner



PALCI and the E-ZBorrow Pilot Program

The meeting began with a discussion surrounding PALCI and the E-ZBorrow pilot program. Group members gave their opinions of the program and brought up many questions:

1) Procedures - Group members asked for clarification on present procedures. A new draft of procedures was presented at the last Access Services group meeting for approval. The draft will take into account problems that have come up (multi-volume requests) and will be more specific. The new procedures will be given to the group members after they are approved.

2) Statistics - Group members have been compiling statistics on total items and total time taken on pulling and processing incoming and outgoing PALCI requests. After clarification on how long the pilot program will last (mid August), a folder will be set up on the Alex T-drive containing an excel file for each Library to enter its statistics. Compiled statistics from February will also be entered on this form. This will be done by the end of March and publicized to the group.

3) Length of pilot program - The E-ZBorrow pilot program will last at least until August 14, 2003. RDS staff will continue to keep statistics on total items and total time until that date is reached.

4) Getting PALCI/ILS books on the "Clear Holds" Report - The group requested that PALCI/ILS items be included on the "Clear Holds" Report. Currently, you must manually go through your Holds and ILS shelves checking the date of each book to pull these items. Having the PALCI/ILS books on the same list with RDS books will be more efficient. This is being worked on by Judy Gardner, ILS, and the Systems office. Standardization with ILS due dates will have to be implemented before this is possible.

5) Problem Sharing - Group members brought specific examples of problems they have encountered with outgoing and incoming PALCI items. Solutions to some of the problems are being worked on (i.e. multi volume sets) while other problems might be a one time only sort of thing. All group members are encouraged to contact Andy Martinez with any problems or questions they have concerning PALCI. A list of problems will be compiled and solutions will be distributed to the group.

Overall, the group praised the quickness of shipments and commented on how quickly E- ZBorrow is being used by graduate students and Faculty.

"Clear Hold Shelf" and "Daily Aged Holds Transit From/To" Procedures

A draft of the procedures for processing both lists was discussed by the group. Corrections were made and a final draft was agreed on. A final copy will be sent to all RDS functional group members.

Off Campus/Law Library Statistics

The group had questions about the statistics page located on the Alex T-drive for Off Campus/Law Library requests. This is the only RDS statistic that is still kept manually by local RDS staff. The group questioned that if they do not have any requests for the month, do they still have to update the statistics page? Can they leave the form blank or are zero's required in the fields? Andy will ask Judy Gardner about this and get back to the group with an answer.

Multiple Listings on Transit Reports

The same book listed multiple times on the "Daily Aged Holds Transit To/From" Reports The group mentioned that they see multiple listings of the same book on the holds transit reports. This occurs when a single book has multiple holds placed on it and the first queued hold becomes an overdue in transit. Instead of having one listing for the book, the same book will be repeated as many times as it has holds. Having one listing for the book will cut down the size of the list and be more efficient. Andy will contact Chris Sterback upon his return from a conference for a solution to this problem.


Standardizing the form will ensure that the proper collections/holdings are searched, that the proper book is being searched for, and will also simplify the search process. The group members also decided to not respond to a request unless the book is found in your library. If they find the book in question, they will respond to the circ sub email to let the other libraries know to cancel their searches. If the book is not found in their library, no reply will be sent.

Andy also brought this up to Jeff Teichman. With collection management members, billing members, and AAL members also submitting STACKS CHECKS, it might be a good idea to standardize the form across New Brunswick. Jeff presented the idea to Access Services and the form will be worked on at the next Collection Management meeting. RDS group members will begin to use the standard form on a trial basis. Once the other groups are able to discuss the forma and finalize it, a final version will be sent out to the group members.

Next Meeting - Tuesday, April 8, 2003 at Kilmer

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