Minutes of May 13, 2003 meeting

Andy Martinez(recorder), Stacy Dematteo, Ines Gessner, Drue Williamson, Pat Bellanca, Marty Katz, Eugene McElroy, Asuncion Ortiz, Nita Mukherjee, Kristen Ko, Christopher Lee
Georgina Alonzo, Don Wilson, Will Torres, Marilyn Herod
Dave Warner


The group greeted Dave Warner, a new staff person at LSM. Dave was a guest at the meeting as part of his training.


Users with large amounts of requests

The group revisited this discussion from the last RDS meeting.

While the number of requests from these particular users have been decreasing, some units are still getting large amount of RU-requests from one or two users. Andy contacted Judy Gardner and Farideh Tehrani to discuss the situation and was given some helpful suggestions:

1. The group should continue to enforce the 30 page limit when making copies of articles. For request for articles over 30 pages, we can send the journal to Dana or Camden for one week in-library use only, so the user can make there own copies. For the NB libraries, do not fill the request and let the user know that they can visit the library to make their own copies.

2. If a RDS staff person sees a large amount of requests in his RU requests display from one user, it was suggested that we should do a couple and then move on to the next user. When we are done with the other users who have placed requests, then we can go back and continue to work on that one user's requests as time permits, in order of date received. This way, bottlenecks are not created where we spend all day working on one person's requests. Users will have to understand that if they place large amounts of requests at one time, they cannot expect to have them completed overnight.

3. Andy was able to receive approval from Farideh to allow us to send a periodical volume to Camden or Dana if we find that the one volume has requests for multiple articles from one user. We can send the volume for one week in-library use only, so the user can make their own copies. In these situations, please send Farideh an email asking for her approval to send the volume and explain that you are sending it because there are requests for multiple articles in that one volume. Also, please cc Andy on these requests.

4. RDS staff will continue to work to make sure that bottlenecks are not created from users placing numerous holds. As our user's begin to understand that placing large amounts of requests at one time means that delivery time will be increased, the problems from these requests should lessen.

"What to do with RDS reports" update

The procedures for dealing with the "Clear Hold Shelf" Report and "Daily Aged Holds Transit to/from" reports were updated to include a new "Clear Hold Shelf2" report. This new report contains PALCI and ILS items that have reached there pull date and can be removed from the Hold shelf. A question arose as to when or if the ILS dept. is planning on switching ILS books to a 28 day hold period. Andy will contact the ILS dept. and Judy to get more information on this.

Also, the group decided to increase the time period before a book shows up on the "Daily Aged Holds Transit to/from" report. The group reported finding books that were showing up on two consecutive reports before they become available without any work from RDS staff. Andy will contact Systems to increase the time period on this report from the current 3 days FROM your library and 10 days TO your library. (UPDATE: Andy contacted Systems and starting Friday, 5/23, the time period for books FROM your library will be increased to 7 days. RDS staff are asked to keep an eye on the reports to see if this helps decrease the number of books showing up on the report that don't have to.)


Annual Report

Printouts of last years annual report and this years mid-year report were handed out to the group. The group was asked for their input into next years goals and also to read over the two reports for any accomplishments that were missed. Group members will email Andy with any items.

PALCI updates

Andy handed out the new PALCI procedures which include updated provisional request procedures, updated multi-volume request procedures, and new standard replies to use in PALCI when not filling a request. The procedures are available on the Staff Resources page and on the Alex t-drive in the RDS folder. These new procedures include the solutions to all the problems uncovered by the group since the inception of the program in February. Kudos to the RDS functional group, ILS dept., and Judy for all the hard work and time spent in working out the procedures.

The group reviewed where to send PALCI items. Items that we are lending (RU items going to PALCI) should be sent to SHIPPING/ALEX (PALCI LENDING) or ILS/LSM (PALCI LENDING), depending on your library. Items that we are returning (PALCI items going back to PALCI libraries) should be sent to ILS/ALEX (PALCI RETURNING) or ILS/LSM (PALCI RETURNING), depending on your library. The shipping destinations for the specificlibraries are listed in the PALCI procedures.

Andy asked the group to update their libraries' statistics page for the PALCI statistics that have been compiled since February. The group has been tracking the number of items and the time spent on pulling and processing for incoming and outgoing PALCI items. A statistics page for each month for incoming and outgoing items for each library was posted on the Rutgers Delivery Service (RDS) FG folder on the Alex t-drive. Andy asked that the group make sure that February through April were completed so that Judy could view the folder for information on how the RDS group is adjusting to PALCI. (UPDATE: All of the statistics have been entered and Judy was emailed that the statistics are available. Also, a list of our heavy PALCI users was compiled and forwarded to Judy in case she required user comments for PALCI.)

Upcoming changes in PALCI were discussed. With a planned upgrade to the software that PALCI uses, changes to the user interface and staff workflows may be coming in the next fiscal year. These changes include; users being able to request a specific volume in a multi volume set, users no longer having to choose the group that they wish to search, and users being able to request copies of articles from the different PALCI libraries. While some of the changes will alleviate problems that arose with PALCI (multi volume sets), requesting copies of articles may potentially lead to a large increase in time and work from the RDS group. This potential new service will be discussed in much further detail as this may require the largest amount of work from the new services and may impact Web Document Delivery.

Proposed Web Document Delivery

A general overview of the procedures (as noted by Andy from the Access Services Committee meeting) and a handout reviewing how to set up a Deposit Accounts was handed out to the group for discussion.

A proposal has been made to combine Rutgers Request Service and Imaging Services' Locate and Copy Service into one Web Document Delivery service. A lively discussion followed concerning this new proposal. Many questions were brought up concerning the new service and its ramifications on our time and work. Andy will investigate and contact Judy with the groups questions. An in-depth meeting will be planned for June where the group can go over the proposal and flesh out our procedures and workflows. Also training and documentation for scanning will be required for the group before this service becomes live.

Next Meeting - date and time TBA

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