Minutes of July 8, 2003 meeting

Pat Bellanca, Stacy DeMatteo, Ines Gessner, Martin Katz, Kristen Ko, Mike Mansouri, Andy Martinez(recorder), Nita Mukherjee, Don Wilson
Marilyn Herod, Christopher Lee, Asuncion Ortiz, Will Torres, Drue Williamson



Annual Report

Andy passed around a copy of the annual report for the 2002-2003 fiscal year. Some highlights include:

implementation of User Initiated Holds, joining PALCI on a trial basis, and continued use of scanner/Ariel program. There were over 10,000 additional filled requests for books this fiscal year compared to the 2001-2002 fiscal year while filled article requests continue to decrease at a slow rate. The implementation of User Initiated Holds, our joining of PALCI, and increased use of electronic journals and full text databases have contributed to these trends. The group is applauded in their ability to perform all of the new services introduced over the last fiscal year while dealing with increased work loads. A copy of the report is available in the Rutgers Delivery Service (RDS) folder in the reports folder on the Alex t- drive.

Revised "What to Do with RDS Reports"

The group discussed the new ILS software upgrade impact on our Clear Hold Shelf2 report. This report is used to list ILL items and PALCI items that have reached their 28 day hold period on our hold shelf and can be returned to ILS. Revised procedures for processing the report were distributed and reviewed. RDS staff will continue to use the report to pull standard ILL items while special ILL and in-library use only ILL items will be pulled manually as their special due dates are passed. The new procedures can be located in the Rutgers Delivery Service (RDS) folder in the functional group folder on the Alex t-drive.

New meeting locations

The group has decided to alternate meetings between Room 115 in SMLR, Cook campus and the Kilmer Library Staff Lounge. We will alternate locations on a monthly basis. This will allow for meeting locations on both sides of the NBL campus which will make traveling easier for the entire group.


In Library Use Only procedures

Andy distributed a draft version of "In Library Use Only" procedures for non circulating items that are sent to another geographic campus. Currently items are sent for 3 day in library use. The group discussed the pros and cons of this time period and decided that a longer time period would be beneficial. The group also decided that receiving RDS staff will continue to place the additional holds on these items. A longer time period for in library use only items will be discussed at the next Access Services Committee for possible implementation. In the meantime, the group will continue to use the 3 day only guideline. A copy of the procedures is available in the Rutgers Delivery Service (RDS) folder in the functional group folder on the Alex t-drive.


Andy had emailed the group asking for information on their unit's scanners and version of Ariel. The units with scanners and Ariel do not all use the same brand/model of scanner or the same version of Ariel. Also, some additional programs that are used in connection with scanning are not available at each unit. The group will make sure that the proper documentation for the use of the scanners and Ariel program are available at each unit. Proper documentation, training, and standard software programs are essential for the group in light of the future implementation of RDS Web Document Delivery. This issue will be revisited at the next group meeting.

August Downtime procedures

The group discussed the proposed Sirsi downtime tentatively scheduled for 8/14/2003 to 8/24/2003. A static version of IRIS will be available for public/staff use so RDS staff will fax requests for RDS material between libraries. Andy will email a copy of the downtime procedures to all RDS staff along with the webpage where the RDS forms can be located. The forms can be located on the library homepage under STAFF RESOURCES/ACCESS SERVICES/FORMS. RDS Staff will make the forms available at their units during downtime. Please remember to write the barcode of the item down for the item you are sending during downtime. This will eliminate any errors with multiple copy items. PALCI will not be available during the August downtime. The actual downtime for PALCI items may start a couple of days before 8/14 to take into account any items that are being worked on. A firm date for the stoppage of PALCI processing will be sent to the group in the upcoming days. Also, please remind staff at your unit to use manual charge forms for ILL and PALCI items. Item barcodes and Request numbers should be entered on the form.

Updates/Information Sharing

Please remember to inform RESERVE contacts directly by email when you have to cancel a hold for a RESV-LIB user. Informing the reserve contact at the unit allows them to follow other avenues of getting the material and keeping the professor informed. A contact list for reserve staff is available on the Library homepage under STAFF RESOURCES/ACCESS SERVICES/CONTACTS and the email for the reserve staff person is entered in the address field for the RESV-LIB user profile.

Please remind the staff at your unit to never create a record for an incoming PALCI item. Sometimes the placement of the lending libraries barcode (on top of UPC barcode) on the book can lead to the belief that the item is not found in catalog. Also errors in the barcode field (extra space in front of barcode or period added to barcode) can cause this same error. All incoming PALCI books already have brief records created for them by PALCI so if a "item not found in catalog" message appears, there is an error in scanning or an error in the barcode field. Please have all PALCI record errors brought to attention of RDS staff for correction. If RDS staff are not available, please contact Andy Martinez, RDS Functional Group Coordinator, or your local ILS unit for assistance.


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