Minutes of August 26, 2003 meeting

Drue Williamson, Stacy DeMatteo, Ines Gessner, Christopher Lee, Nita Mukherjee, Will Torres, Marty Katz, Andy Martinez(recorder)
Mike Mansouri, Pat Bellanca, Don Wilson, Asuncion Ortiz, Kristen Ko, Eugene McElroy



Review of Annual Statistics

Copies of the 2002-2003 statistics for photocopies and book requests were passed out to the group. In comparison to 2001-2002 statistics, photocopy requests have decreased by 2,500 requests this fiscal year while book requests have increased by close to 9,000 requests. This increase in book requests can be attributed to the implementation of User Initiated Holds and the EZ-Borrow program. The decrease in photocopy requests can be attributed to increased use of electronic full text databases.

RDS Web Document Delivery update

The group discussed the recent purchase of Ariel from RLG by Infotrieve. With this purchase, Infotrieve is planning on delivering a new version of Ariel (past version 3.3) in the near future. RDS staff are now split between using version 3.01 or 3.3 of Ariel. Units are also either a Minolta scanner or a Fujitsu scanner. Not all units have automatic document feeders.

There has been some discussion on whether or not to implement RDS Web Document Delivery before the delivery of the new version of Ariel. The Web Document Delivery Group has been reactivated to discuss how to implement this new service for a planned late Fall/2003 startup. Andy, Chris, and Drue will serve as members of this group.

Addressing PALCI items

The group discussed how to properly label the bands of outgoing PALCI items. All that is required on the band from RDS staff is the name of the Library and the University.


Review of procedures for Law Libraries, CrimJ, and Off-Campus Stations

The group reviewed the lending procedures for the Law Libraries, CrimJ Collection and Off-Campus Stations. Handouts were reviewed discussing who is eligible to pick up material at the Law Libraries and Off-Campus Stations. The group also discussed how to place requests from the Law Libraries and CrimJ collections (InterLibrary Loan forms). Finally, handouts for processing RDS items to the Law Libraries and Off-Campus Stations were reviewed.

Procedures for dealing with missing page requests from Collection Services

RDS staff regularly receive requests from the various collection services departments for photocopies of missing pages from books and journals. Group members supplied various examples of these requests and discussed various ways to fill them. The following was found in common:

Andy will check with the collection services departments to verify what users will be used to make these requests.

East Asian Library RDS requests

Alexander Library RDS staff will now forward all RDS requests for EAL items to EAL staff to search. This should reduce the amount of EAL items that are charged to missing by RDS staff when not found. RDS staff will also forward EAL items that appear on Daily Aged Holds In Transit Reports to EAL staff for searching.

NEXT MEETING - September meeting is canceled, October meeting will be on 10/14, place and time to be

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