Minutes of October 14, 2003 meeting

Stacy DeMatteo, Ines Gessner, Christopher Lee, Marty Katz, Mike Mansouri, Andy Martinez(recorder), Nita Mukherjee, Asuncion Ortiz, Will Torres, Drue Williamson, Don Wilson
Pat Bellanca, Kristen Ko, Eugene McElroy


RDS Web Document Delivery

Drafts of the documentation and handouts developed by the RDS Web Document Delivery Working Group were given to the group for review. The group discussed the impact of this new service and the timetable for introduction. The timetable for user education and implementation of the new service is still being discussed.

The fee structure will continue for certain article requests. Any request for an article from a journal on the patron's same campus (i.e., Camden to Camden, Newark to Newark, New Brunswick to New Brunswick) will require a departmental/personal deposit account with Imaging Services and will cost $5.00 an article up to 30 pages. Requests for articles from a journal on a different geographic campus, requests for articles from a journal held at the Libraries' Annex, and requests for articles for a patron at a Off-Campus Station will continue to be for free as long as the article does not exceed 30 pages. For article requests that are larger than 30 pages, if you are on a different geographic campus the entire volume will be sent for in library use only while if you are on the same campus the request will be rejected and the patron will be asked to visit the library in question to make the copy themselves. Requests for an article from microfilm will be processed through RDS Web Document Delivery in most cases. In those situations where the citation is not complete or the entire roll must be viewed by the patron, the microfilm will be sent for in library use only.

Camden and Dana RDS staff will scan and post all article requests directly to the web for viewing by the patron. NBL RDS staff with scanners will scan and send through Ariel all article requests to either Alex Imaging Services, Camden RDS, or Dana RDS, who will then post the request to the web for viewing by the patron. NBL RDS staff without scanners will photocopy all article requests and send them via campus mail to Alex Imaging Services, who will then post the request to the web for viewing by the patron.

Article request will be made available to patrons through the Web. Once a request has been scanned and posted to the Web, the patron will receive an email notification with the web address where the article can be viewed and their own personal access number. Articles will be in PDF format and will be available for viewing, downloading, and saving for 21 days after the email is sent to the user. After the 21 days have passed, the article will no longer be available through the Web. Instructions for downloading a free version of Adobe Acrobat will be available on the Libraries' web page.

Imaging Services will take care of establishing all departmental/personal deposit accounts, updating this information in Workflows, charging an account when a fee request is filled, mailing out statements to patrons, closing an account, and processing any refunds to a user. Departmental accounts will be established/added to with an internal purchase order while personal accounts can be established/added to with a personal check or cash. Both departmental/personal accounts can be established with a minimum of $30 and added to in increments of $30. Forms for establishing/adding to/closing a departmental/personal deposit account will be available at both Alex and LSM Imaging Services, at the circulation desk of all RU Libraries, and on the web through the Libraries web page. All money transactions will take place at Imaging Services at Alexander Library or LSM as circulation desk staff will no longer take money for RDS. Forms mailed to Alexander Libraries' Imaging Services with a check must include a photocopy of the patron's RUconnection card for RDS eligibility verification.

The group discussed the new service and agreed that once the introduction period is over, the new service will be a welcomed by our patrons and will be beneficial to them. The ease of viewing the document through the Web (no longer being tied down to a pick up library and a physical reproduction) and the quicker turn around from initial request to request availability are the major benefits of this new service.

Information Sharing

All RDS requests for items from the Hungarian Library on CAC will be handled by ILS-Alex. The Library of the American Hungarian Foundation is an affiliate library of Rutgers. Their collection is cataloged in IRIS and is eligible for RDS request. Requests are placed in IRIS using the 'Deliver/Recall Book" button. RDS requests are viewed by Hungarian Library staff, who deliver circulating items to the ILS-Alex office where the request is processed for pickup at a Rutgers Library.

It is recommended to all RDS staff to go through their unit's hold shelf at least once a week. The Clear Hold Shelf 1/2 reports are used to remove all standard RDS, ILS, and PALCI books but manually checking the hold shelf at least once a week will allow RDS staff to catch all problem items, such as items with incorrect pull dates and items mistakenly kept on the wrong hold shelf.

2:30-4:30 PM

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