Minutes of November 11, 2003 meeting

Pat Bellanca, Stacy DeMatteo, Ines Gessner, Kristen Ko, Christopher Lee, Mike Mansouri, Andy Martinez(recorder), Nita Mukherjee, Asuncion Ortiz, Will Torres, Drue Williamson, Don Wilson
Eugene McElroy


Update on RDS Web Document Delivery

The implementation date for this new service has been pushed back until the beginning of the Spring/2004 semester. Work still has to be done by Systems on implementing all of the requested changes on the RU-Request page and setting up the new reports that are needed for the service. Once changes are completed by Systems, testing will be done by RDS staff before implementation. Also flyers will be included with all RDS items for several weeks before the service begins to educate RDS users on the new aspects of RDS Web Document Delivery.

A discussion arose in the group as to how we count pages for article requests. Since we follow a 30 page rule for article requests (30 pages is the guideline we follow for what to copy and what not to copy) and proposed changes with the new RDS Web Document Delivery service makes it crucial because of financial reasons to follow this rule, a consensus must be reached on how to count pages. Should we go for the best available reproduction (putting one page on a copied page, enlarging or reducing to meet this goal) and use the number of actual pages in the article or should we go for most information on one page (putting two pages on a copied page) and count the number of copied pages? This issue will be further discussed at the next meeting.

RU-Request procedures

The RDS procedures for dealing with article requests, requests from ILS, requests for microform, and requests to be sent to the Law Libraries and Off-Campus Stations are in the process of being revised. The introduction of several new services in the past year (including User Initiated Holds) warrants a review of our procedures for dealing with requests placed through the RU-Request page. Also, with the planned implementation of the new RDS Web Document Delivery service, all procedures should be finalized and standard before any further changes are made from the new service. Once finalized, the documentation will be available on the NBL Access/Collection Services web page. The revised documentation will be reviewed and discussed at the next RDS Functional Group meeting.

Several questions arose from the discussion regarding the revised procedures. One, what steps should RDS staff take when we cannot find a volume of a periodical for a request? After discussion with Access/Collection Services staff, it was decided that RDS staff will charge the volume to their unit's missing user if the volume had been barcoded and added to the record. If the volume has not been barcoded, RDS staff will contact their unit's CSD representative so that the holdings for the periodical can be updated. Questions that arose from the practice of Database Management removing all missing items will be discussed at a later date by CSD staff. Two, where should RDS staff send items for ILS requests? The two choices that arose were: to an ILS office depending on your campus or to the ILS office on the header of the request fax. After consultation with the ILS office, it was decided that all ILS items (articles and books) should be sent to the ILS office on the header of the fax.

Information Sharing

All RDS staff are reminded to always write the name of the library and the name of the University on the blue PALCI band when sending RU items to PALCI. Both lines are necessary so Shipping staff can send the item to the correct PALCI UPS site.

All RDS staff are reminded to only remove their unit's reports from our shared pull reports. Only check off your unit's report and remove the reports one at a time. Any problems with the pull reports should be reported to Systems immediately.

Tuesday, December 12, 2003
2:30-4:30 PM
SMLR, RM. 166, Cook Campus

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