Minutes of December 9, 2003 meeting

Pat Bellanca, Stacy DeMatteo, Ines Gessner, Kristen Ko, Christopher Lee, Mike Mansouri, Andy Martinez(recorder), Nita Mukherjee, Asuncion Ortiz, Will Torres, Drue Williamson, Don Wilson
Eugene McElroy


Update on RDS Web Document Delivery

The implementation date of this new service has not been finalized. Further work by Systems still has to be completed so that RDS staff can test the new RU-Request page. Once Systems completes their tasks, testing can begin and an implementation date can be set.

The group discussed how to count pages for article requests. The choice between using the number of pages from the actual request and scanning/copying one page to a page or using the final number of scanned/copied pages and possibly putting two pages on one page was introduced and discussed. After discussing the pros and cons of each method, the group agreed to recommend the method of using the final number of scanned/copied pages and putting two pages on one page if possible. Some of the benefits of this method include ease of scanning and having a final product that allows the user to enlarge the reproduction. The recommendation that the public documentation that reads “30 page rule” should read “30 scanned/copied pages” will be forwarded to the NBL Access/Collection Services Administration for approval. Once approved, it will be sent to the Head, University Libraries Access and Interlibrary Services as a proposed change to the documentation.

Several RDS staff members reported that Systems attempted to upgrade the Ariel software on their workstations to the 3.3 version but their Minolta scanners were not compatible with this new version. Right now, RDS units with scanners are either using the 3.01 version or the 3.3 version of Ariel. Problem tickets were submitted by Imaging Services to upgrade all of our Ariel workstations to the 3.3 version. The Coordinator will contact Alex Imaging Services to find out the status of this upgrade and what decision was made concerning the units with the Minolta scanners. Thanks to Stacy for bringing this to my attention. FOLLOW-UP: Imaging Services has decided to wait until the next version of Ariel before upgrading the Minolta machines. They are hoping that Infotrieve will be able to resolve the bugs with the Ariel/Minolta compatibility when the next version comes out. This will only impact two NBL RDS sites: Annex and Chang.

Finalize RU-Request procedures

The RDS Staff procedures for sending article requests through RU-Request and for sending books and/or articles to the Law Libraries through RU-Request were finalized. Both sets of procedures have been placed on the RDS folder on the Alex t-drive under the following path: Alex t-drive /Groups /Common /Rutgers Delivery Service (RDS) FG/RU-REQUEST/. They are also stored on the new NBL Access /Collection Services page in the documentation folder for the RDS Functional Group.

The procedures for requests from ILS and microfilm requests need further clarification. Questions arose on how to create a brief record for microform that will be shipped to ILS or to a different campus and what to do with requests for non-circulating items from ILS. Once these questions are answered and the procedures are finalized, they will be made available through the NBL Access/Collection Services web page and on the Alex t-drive through the RDS folder.

"Blanket Holds" in test version of Workflows

A photocopy of the release notes dealing with "Blanket Holds" in test workflows was handed out to the group. The Blanket Hold wizard is a new wizard that allows Staff to place a single hold request on multiple titles or copies and requires a specified number of copies and titles to be made available to the patron before the hold is considered to be satisfied. Since only Staff will be able to use this new wizard, the group brainstormed some possible benefits. Using this new feature as a possible replacement for the current way of placing holds for reserve was mentioned. Further investigation and follow up on this suggestion will occur before the next meeting.

Information Sharing

It was pointed out to the group that Special ILL items are now asking for an override when charged out to a user. Special ILL items are ILL items that have a different due date (not the normal 28 days) or are for in-library use only. In the past, if these items were mistakenly charged out to a user without changing the due date, they would default to our normal due date (28 days or full term loan). The override should cut down on these types of mistakes. Thanks to Nita for bringing this to the groups attention.

PALCI requests will continue during the Winter Holiday break (12/25/03-1/4/04). Most of the participating PALCI members will have the same schedule as RUL so it was recommended to us that we continue to participate in the service during the break. Requests will come in and go through the normal cycle of becoming aged and forwarded to another PALCI institution. All of the PALCI requests on the 1/5/04 pull reports should be current.

The Clear Hold Shelf 1 and 2 reports will not run from Monday, 12/22/03 through Tuesday, 1/27/04 because of the Winter Holiday/Intersession Schedules and the extended period for recalls.

NEXT MEETING: Time, date and place to be announced

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