Minutes of February 10, 2004 meeting

Pat Bellanca, Stacy DeMatteo, Ines Gessner, Kristen Ko, Christopher Lee, Andy Martinez(recorder), Eugene McElroy, Nita Mukherjee, Asuncion Ortiz, Drue Williamson, Don Wilson, Chiaki Yamada
Will Torres


  1. RDS Web Document Delivery Update
  2. New DISPLAY and MODIFY REQUEST wizards
  3. Circulation Training
  4. Review of last years goals
  5. Law Library/Off Campus Stations Procedures
  6. Information Sharing


RDS Web Document Delivery Update

Systems has completed work on the new request page using the "Request Article/Other" button. The new page is currently available in Test Workflows. Systems is still working on linking information to what RDS staff will be able to view and print out.

Much of the documentation is in final draft mode. Work has been done on the new Imaging Services web page containing the deposit account information. Work on the documentation is progressing.


Mike Mansouri will no longer be a member of the RDS Functional Group. Mike is now working at the SERC Reading Room. The group would like to thank Mike for his hard work and dedication to the group.

Chiaki Yamada will be joining the group as a member. Chiaki will be working at the Douglass Library and will be handling RDS with Nita. Welcome to the group.

Starting in March 2004, Andy Martinez will become the Coordinator for the Collection Management Functional Group. Nita Mukherjee will become the Coordinator for the RDS Functional Group.


With the new release of Unicorn, the display and edit request capability through the COMMAND pull down menu was removed. Two new wizards, DISPLAY REQUEST and MODIFY REQUEST, were added. Staff must have their logins authorized by Systems to be able to use these wizards. All staff from the RDS contact list have been authorized by Systems. If you have any additional logins that must be authorized, please send an email to Tracey Meyer from Systems.

There was a problem with both wizards where the title, item barcode, and call number would appear on the same line in the request. Because of the limited size of this field, requests with long titles would have their call numbers and item barcodes truncated. Also, that information would not appear when a requested was printed. This problem was fixed by Systems and now the item barcode and call number appear on a second line together.

Both wizards are now set up as folder tabs. Three tabs: BASIC, REQUEST, and REPLY, are used to display and modify requests. Staff are reminded to use the REQUEST tab when printing out requests. This tab will capture all of the request information. Please use the REPLY tab when you are ready to fill or un-fill the request. With these wizards, RDS staff no longer have to modify the DATE REPLIED field in the REPLY tab when modifying the request. Also, we now have the ability to choose whether you want a NOTE or REPLY field and in what order you wish to place it. RDS staff are reminded to always place the

NOTE field before the REPLY field so that Keyboard Express can work.

Keyboard Express macros have been updated and distributed to RDS staff. Systems has been asked to work on a report that will easily list all items that are in-process for the larger units. Alex RDS has been asked to the test bed for this new report. Ru-Request procedures have been updated to include the change with the Date Replied field.

Circulation Training

A handout was given to the group outlining general information that Access Services staff should be able to give out at the circulation desk concerning RDS. The handout covered the different aspects of User Initiated holds, RU-Request, PALCI, and ILS. After discussion, the group also added Hold Shelf procedures (how long we hold onto items and how to remove an item from the shelf), RDS eligibility, fee structure for RDS (what we charge for and what is for free), who should change the pick up library on a request, and other general information. The handout was revised with this information and forwarded to Michele and Jeff, who are working on Circulation training.

Review of last year's goals

A handout covering the goals put forth by the group for the 2003/2004 fiscal year was given to the group. Of the five goals listed from last year, four have been completed or are a continuous project. Only one, developing a standard RDS toolbar for Workflows, still needs to be worked on. Group members were asked to email the Coordinator a list of wizards that they use to process RDS. Once a master list is compiled, descriptions and explanations for each wizard can be completed. This project should be completed by the end of this fiscal year.

Additional goals achieved this year included the investigating and debugging of the PALCI/EZ- Borrow system. Also, the RDS Functional Group has worked diligently this fiscal year to make Ariel the standard when processing article requests. This work will make the implementation of RDS Web Document Delivery easier.

Verifying affiliation for Law Library/Off Campus Station requests

RDS staff have asked for the quickest and most efficient way to verify affiliation for a Law Library or Off Campus Station. Since only patrons affiliated with those sites can use them as pick up locations and books for these requests are, per procedure, charged out to the user before shipping, RDS staff must verify affiliation before filling these requests. This agenda item will be followed up on.

Information Sharing

Staff are reminded that PALCI and ILS multi-volume sets will only have a hold on one of the books. Normally a hold is placed on the first volume in the set for the user. The other volumes will have records created in Workflows but will not have a hold. RDS staff will make the hold on the first volume available and then leave the other volumes as in library so that they can be checked out to the user.

NEXT MEETING - Tuesday, 3/9/04, 2:30 pm, place to be announced

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