Minutes of March 9, 2004 meeting

Stacy DeMatteo, Ines Gessner, Kristen Ko, Christopher Lee, Eugene McElroy, Nita Mukherjee(recorder), Asuncion Ortiz, Will Torres, Drue Williamson, Don Wilson, Chiaki Yamada
Pat Belanca


  1. Group Membership List for NBL web
  2. Changes to REQUEST display screen
  3. Law library affiliation
  4. Standard RDS tool bar and properties
  5. Web Document Delivery
  6. Information sharing

Group Membership List for NBL Web

The list was distributed to all group members for review. Corrections have been made to names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Nita will send out a revised list for posting on the web.

Changes to REQUEST Display Screen

The changes to the REQUEST display screen were reviewed. We discussed Chris Sterback’s email, dated February 18, 2004. Based on our feedback, two major improvements have been made: First, the altID field was removed from all request forms due to security concerns; instead, only the user’s name and barcode number will be displayed on the form. Second, the full item barcode and contents of the call number field will now be displayed, rather than truncated. The item barcode and call number were moved from the same line as the title to a new line, so that all information is now fully visible.

Law Library Affiliation

Nita had distributed a draft of RDS lending procedures last week, to be updated at this meeting.

Emphasis was given on verification of affiliation for students and faculty/staff for book requests. For students, the following codes should be verified: School of Law, Newark – 23; School of Law, Camden – 24; School of Criminal Justice – 27. For both students and faculty/staff, the barcode begins with 2514500. If this information is missing, then the user’s campus address should be verified in Workflows and the Rutgers Online Directory. If the above information cannot be verified, the book request should be cancelled in WorkFlows with a reply stating – UNFILLED: “We can not confirm your affiliation with this pick-up site. Please request this item again with a correct pick-up location.”

Standard RDS Toolbar and Properties

One of the goals set by the group last year was to create a standard RDS toolbar and properties. The group aims to complete this goal by the end of this fiscal year. Ines and Drue had sent their feedback to Nita prior to the meeting. Taking their comments into consideration, Nita distributed a comprehensive draft to the group.

The group members discussed the set properties for place holds, adding brief titles, and removing user holds. The default settings for place hold for RDS (REQ) for non-circulating items should always be set level “Copy,” Range should be set to “Library: and the recall status should be set to “No Recall.” It is important to remember that staff should never place recall; only the A-Team staff members can place recall holds.

The group decided to keep the toolbar for simple RDS processing. Any wizard that requires an override should not be included in the toolbar. Staff members are responsible for completing complicated transactions. Based on feedback from this meeting, Kristin volunteered to update the toolbar and will send it to Nita.

Web Document Delivery

On February 20th, Drue, Chris, Nita, Imaging Services staff, and ILS staff met with Judy at a Web Document Delivery meeting, with a videoconference to Dana and Camden library staff. We decided on how to use school codes to verify a patron’s home campus address. This information will now be displayed on the request forms; this will make it easier for staff to decide whether these requests will be for free or for a fee.

Bob Warwick has put a new request status RU-A-PAID in the test system for article web requests that will be filled and charged. This new status has been tested, and seems to work well.

The target date for system-wide implementation of Web Document Delivery is June 1, 2004. The group feels that this is a good date, giving us reasonable amount of time to prepare, test out, and create procedures for the new system. At least thirty days prior to this target date, flyers will be distributed; these flyers will be attached to all items on the HOLD shelf. Judy will supply these flyers, and mail them to each unit.

The group reviewed the updated the new web pages created by Imaging Services, explaining to patrons how to establish departmental and personal accounts. Procedures for how to close accounts and refunds for the outstanding balance were also discussed.

Information Sharing

Alexander Library: It was reported that Alexander Library RDS staff recently received Palci books returned to them by other NBL. Group members were reminded not to send any Palci book returns to ALEX-RDS or ALEX-Access. All science branches should return Palci books to ILL- LSM. All other NBL should return Palci books to ILL-ALEX. Another reminder was to take the items out of transit using the “Receive items in transit” wizard; the screen should show the item’s status as “Palci.”

Library of Science and Medicine: LSM staff was recently trained to use the Kodak imaging software.

The Art Library, Annex, and Douglass Library RDS staff reported high volume for ILL requests.

NEXT MEETING - Tuesday, April 13, 2004 at ASB-III

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