Minutes of July 13, 2004 meeting

Ines Gessner, Kristen Ko, Christopher Lee, Nita Mukherjee(recorder), Will Torres, Drue Williamson, Chiaki Yamada, Stacy DeMatteo
Asuncion Ortiz, Pat Belanca
Eugene McElroy


  1. Article Requests placed by Research Assistants
  2. New Off-Campus pickup sites and statistics
  3. Keyboard Express replies
  4. PALCI and IDS Number
  5. U2003.1 Testing results
  6. Newark-Law Library contact
  7. Information Sharing
  8. Next Meeting: August 10, 2004
  9. Douglass Library Tour

Article Requests placed by Research Assistants:

Information regarding article requests made by Research Assistants (RA) will be sent to the assistant’s email address, rather than the professor’s. RDS staff must enter both the professor’s name and the RA’s name when scanning in Ariel.

Usually the professor's email address appears first in the string, because staff duplicates the professor's record to create the RA record. As a general rule, posting staff should choose the RA's EMAIL ADDRESS to place in the Ariel directory entry. This involves examining both email addresses and choosing the one that corresponds to the RA's name.

On rare occasions, if the professor wants to be contacted, then s/he can ask to have the email addresses changed to both. These requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

New Off-Campus pickup sites and Statistics:

Two new off-campus research stations have been added to the pickup/delivery locations:

However, these locations have not yet been added to the statistics sheet pull down menu. As per Judy’s instructions, members were asked to continue to collect statistics for items sent to these sites and mark them in the RDS Statistics Folder under “OTHER.”

Keyboard Express replies:

Nita asked if all group members had copies of the new Keyboard Express replies. People using the Keyboard Express macros have reported no major problems. At the Access Services Meeting, Judy stressed the importance of using the new replies. Some users were receiving old replies, which were instructing them to pick up articles in person when the articles were already posted on the web.

If people prefer not to use the Keyboard Express macros, then they must manually insert the accurate reply message.

PALCI and IDS Number:

Group members reviewed sample copies of the newly designed PALCI book bellyband. Two fields were added to these bands: 1) Borrowing Library IDS Numbers and 2) four new IDS numbers for Camden, Dana, LSM, and Alex. These will be used for shipments to PALCI libraries. The reason for this change is to cut UPS shipping costs.

All old bands should be discarded, and new bands should be used to ship all PALCI requests immediately.

U2003.1 Testing results:

Nita reported the U2003.1 testing results to Chris and Judy on 6/30/04, and Chris followed up on her observations. Nita noticed that there were two new boxes added in Workflows under “Place Hold/Deliver Recall Book” Date suspended and Date Unsuspended. After reporting this problem, Chris was able to suspend and remove these two unwanted fields.

Newark-Law library contact:

Newark law library staff member Susan Camargo-Pohl has left. The new staff member’s name is Renee Cullman. Her contact information is below: recullmann@kinoy.rutgers.edu; (973)-353- 3036. The RDS contact list will be updated soon. If needed, RDS mailing labels can be requested from Central Admin, Lucye Millerand, lucye@rci.rutgers.edu.

Information Sharing:

After the upgrade in July, staff members processing PALCI requests for other institutions could not perform "Ship Loans" by simply entering the barcode. Item barcodes were not being recognized on the PALCI staff menu. Thanks to Chiaki from Douglass and Will from Alex, this problem was reported to the Systems Office. Chris immediately notified PALCI technical support, who was able to fix the problem. This way, "Ship Loans" now works again with just a barcode. Group members are encouraged to continue to report problems to Systems, and to share examples with Nita.

Darryl from Imaging Services reported that 250 articles were posted in June – the first month of Web Document Delivery.

Members discussed how a user name search in U2003.1 became a keyword search, rather than browse. We all agreed that the best way to search is to enter the user’s complete last name.

Stacy will work on the coding of the Functional Group minutes for the months of April, May, and June 2004.

Last month, LSM had reported problems with their scanner, which was very efficiently corrected with help from Imaging Services staff.

Nita shared statistics with the group about the number of holds filled.

All group members have been asked to review the contents of the Access web page, and send their feedback to Nita. The primary purpose of having this web page is to provide a central place for staff to find information regarding procedures, forms, minutes, etc.

Next Meeting

August 10, 2004 at Douglass Library.

Douglass Library Tour

After the meeting, a tour of the new Douglass Library was given. Group members were very pleased with the renovations and improved Information Commons.

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