Minutes of August 10, 2004 meeting

Chiaki Yamada, Drue Williamson, Will Torres, Nita Mukherjee(recorder), Eugene McElroy, Kristen Ko, Ines Gessner, Stacy DeMatteo, Penny Weniger
Christopher Lee, Asuncion Ortiz
Pat Belanca,


  1. FG Annual Report Review
  2. Review of NBL Access Web page
  3. Policy on Palci lending for non-print (non-books) items
  4. Scanner problems
  5. Statistics for Off-Campus Sites
  6. Information sharing
  7. Next meeting

The group was pleased to welcome Penny Weniger as a guest to the RDS Functional Group meeting. Penny praised the Access staff for their hard work, professionalism, and their use of sophisticated technology.

FG Annual Report Review

The RDS Functional Group Annual Report was distributed and discussed. Members were pleased to see that their individual contributions were emphasized throughout the report. In addition, the report showcased the groupís major achievement, namely the implementation of web-document delivery. The report also included 2003-2004 statistics for photocopies and book requests, which the group analyzed and discussed. In comparison to the 2001-2002 statistics, photocopy requests have decreased by 2,500 requests this fiscal year while book requests have increased by close to 9,000 requests. This increase in book requests can be attributed to the implementation of User Initiated Holds and the EZ-Borrow program. The decrease in photocopy requests can be attributed to increased use of electronic full text databases.

Review of NBL Access Web page

At Julyís meeting, each group member was given the responsibility to analyze the RDS New Brunswick Access Website. The goal was for each member to offer suggestions for improving and updating the site at the August meeting. Some documentation on the site requires updates because of changes in the article delivery process.

Group members discussed their ideas about the RDS website. Nita had a meeting with Marc Forster, who maintains the NBL Access Web Page. As a result of the meeting, Marc offered a preview of the revised web page. Nita distributed the preview version for group membersí comments.

Policy on Palci lending for non-print (non-books) items

This agenda item follows up on an issue from last month. At our last RDS Functional Group meeting, members had expressed some confusion regarding lending policy for non-print items to PALCI. Nita has checked with Judy, who has confirmed that Rutgers libraries do NOT lend CDs, Videos, M-Film, and other non-print items to PALCI libraries.

Since these items are designated as non-circulating in IRIS, RDS staff should not be seeing them on the hold lists. If these items appear on a hold list, RDS staff should unfill the request so it can move to another potential PALCI supplier.

Staff members are advised that, if they receive the non-circulating items via Provisional Palci Requests or if such items appear on the pull list, the RDS Coordinator must be informed.

Scanner problems

In the upcoming year, the RDS Functional Group has a goal of recording problems with the scanners in New Brunswick to guarantee efficiency at all units. Ines and Chiaki have taken the lead on this project, and they will be working to create a database. RDS staff should continue to report scanner problems to Imaging Services and to the coordinator of the RDS functional group. RDS staff should also update the Coordinator of the RDS Functional Group on the status of the scanner problems and their resolution.

The group thanks Ines and Chiaki for their willingness to contribute in this area.

Statistics for Off-Campus Sites

This agenda item was covered at the Web-Document Delivery Training. However, this issue has been a source of confusion. To clarify, RDS staff should continue to report statistics for Off-Campus and Law Libraries as before for books and article requests. The Imaging Services department is keeping statistics for web document delivery, but the off campus sites are not one of the categories that they established for the records. The spreadsheets to report the statistics for FY 2004-05 are available on Alex-t drive.

Information Sharing

Workflows 2004 is a completely redesigned staff client fully compatible with windows. U2004 is available on certain staff computers, and Nita inquired whether any member had the opportunity to use or test any request-related functions. U2004 is not yet available at Douglass Library, so Douglass Library staff has not had an opportunity to use this system. Members at libraries with U2004 were encouraged to use U2004 and report on their experiences for discussion in future meetings.

The Functional Group coordinator trained the new Math library manager Melanie Robinson in RDS functions on August 6, 2004.

One group member was concerned that both staff and users were confused between ILL article delivery and web-document delivery. We discussed the differences between these services, and noted that the FAQs address the issues. Users who are confused are encouraged to write to Ask-A-Librarian for direct help.

Next meeting

September 14, 2004 at ASB-III

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