Minutes of September 14, 2004 meeting

Chiaki Yamada, Drue Williamson, Will Torres, Nita Mukherjee(recorder), Krista Dandurand, Christopher Lee, Pat Belanca, Kristen Ko, Ines Gessner
Asuncion Ortiz, Stacy DeMatteo
Eugene McElroy
Penny Weniger, Jazmine Faherty


  1. Information Sharing
  2. Off-Campus delivery book bands
  3. Effect of Hold Cancellation notices for old OVD-RECALLS
  4. What to do with RDS reports
  5. Review of Micro-Film request procedures

1. Information Sharing

Krista Dandurand, a new staff from Kilmer Library, was introduced and welcomed to the RDS Functional Group. Chiaki and Nita have trained Krista in RDS operations.

The RDS brochure has been revised for the fall, and copies were distributed to each group member. The brochure describes all RDS policies on books, articles, web document delivery, microform, fee structure, and turn-around time. RDS staff should make sure that there is an adequate supply of the brochure at the branches, and order and restock as necessary. If a user wants to know more about RDS, this brochure should be provided.

The Manual Book Charge Form was discussed. It now includes PALCI items to allow for recording barcode numbers for non-Rutgers items.

Overall, the staff has not noticed an increase in article requests since the start of the fall semester. We are keeping a close eye on web document delivery requests to monitor when there are peaks and lulls in its use. In contrast, book deliveries and user-initiated holds have increased significantly since the start of the semester.

Chris Lee reported on his experiences using the Workflows Beta 2004 at Alexander Library for some functions related to RDS. His observation was that setting up the properties was cumbersome, though all the functions worked. We thanked him for taking the time to do this.

2. Off-Campus Delivery Book Band

At the last Access Services Committee Meeting, the off-campus delivery book band was distributed. The yellow band now includes Rutgers Camden and Newark Law Libraries, in addition to all the off-campus research sites. This improvement informs a user that a book has been charged out to her, and it also provides the locations of book drop-off sites. A user may return a book to a drop-off site using the U.S. postal service, UPS, or FedEx. Staff should begin using the new band immediately, and discard the previous band. Bands are available from Lucye.

3. Effect of Hold Cancellation Notices for old OVD-RECALLS

The Billing Working Group introduced hold cancellation notices for overdue recalls that were not returned. Notices were sent to users who had not received recalled books, and they were informed that they could request the same using PALCI. As a result, the RDS staff has experienced a tremendous increase in incoming PALCI requests. This upward trend in PALCI borrowing and lending is likely to continue.

4. What to do with RDS Reports

We reviewed the “What to do with RDS Reports” documentation that was developed last year. Because the “Clear Hold Shelf2 Report” has been eliminated, there was a need to bring our procedures up to date. Everyone contributed his or her ideas in a lively discussion. Corrections have been made, and Nita has converted the new document to html. The new document has been distributed to group members for another round of revisions, and will be available in its final form on the NBL website.

5. Review of Micro-Film Request Procedures

Nita distributed “Micro Film or Micro Fiche Requests In-Library-Use Only” instructions, and requested feedback. The documentation includes information on what to do if a request is placed for RDS or Inter-Library Loan. Nita also designed a “Special Loan In House Use Only” band for M-Film/M-Fiche. These documents will be converted to html and be available on the NBL website. The NBL Coordinators and Judy have approved these procedures.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for October 12, 2004 at 3pm at the ASB-III, Conference Room on the first floor.

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