Minutes of October 12, 2004 meeting

Stacy DeMatteo, Ines Gessner, Kristen Ko, Christopher Lee, Eugene McElroy, Krista Dandurand, Nita Mukherjee(recorder), Will Torres, Drue Williamson, Chiaki Yamada.
Pat Belanca, Asucion Ortiz
Melissa John, Penny Weniger


  1. Information Sharing
  2. PALCI Aged Holds Report
  3. Web page update
  4. Ask A Librarian questions and RDS
  5. Review of RDS Lending Procedures for books to Law Libraries
  6. Next Meeting

1. Information Sharing

The meeting began with introductions by each member, and we welcomed the library intern, Melissa John.

SMLR received its very first provisional PALCI request. With systems support, Eugene was able to fulfill the request.

Alexander RDS staff received requests from Rowan Community College. These requests should be filled as off-campus site deliveries.

The Art Library is a very popular pick-up site. The hold shelves are now at full capacity.

Many libraries report new student workers are settling into their jobs. They offer important help for our work.

Douglass Library recently received its first paid article request. The incoming request volume remains high at most units.

LSM staff recently had a scanner problem; the motor was not functioning. It was fixed within two days.

Krista is now the main RDS contact person at Kilmer Library, since Asuncion is on extended family leave.

Kristen Ko provided RDS training to Mike Mansouri, who is now working at the Chemistry Library. Nita and Darryl provided RDS and Ariel training to Krista Dandurand in the past month.

2. PALCI Aged Holds Report

Beginning October 8, the PALCI Aged Holds Report was introduced by Systems. This is an effort to let the Reports system work for us without manual intervention. This change was well received, and it is an improvement that enhances the way the system works.

These reports will now be generated automatically like other aged holds in-transit reports. One reason that Systems used to send notifications manually for aged holds is that the holds were attached to PALCI items that we received, but were never been made available. The subject header on these new messages will be:

“PALCI Aged holds Report”
From: Rutgers University Libraries [sirsi@glorfindel.rutgers.edu].

The reports will be sent to the RDS contact person where the user wanted the PALCI item as a pickup location. ILS staff will be copied on the reports. The text of the report will give the following instructions:

“The following PALCI item record was created more than 4 days ago for pickup at your library but is not yet on-hold. Could you check whether this item is on your hold shelves? If there, run the check item status wizard, scan the barcode, and make the hold available. If not there, contact ILS for further investigation.”

This change is not likely to affect our daily operations, but may arise sporadically if a staff member misses a step in receiving a PALCI item.

3. Web page update

As discussed in our past meeting, the contents of the RDS FG web page have been revised. It has a new look, many links, and revised documentation. Look for the release of the new page, which is soon to come. The membership list has been updated.

We discussed the Group’s Purpose Statement, which will soon be posted, and appears below:

“The purpose of the New Brunswick Rutgers Delivery Service (RDS) Functional Group is to provide library patrons with the highest degree of service when utilizing the Delivery Service. Monthly functional group meetings provide an opportunity for the members to share concerns, suggest changes, and distribute information regarding procedures and daily operations. The mission of the group is to assist in the development and maintenance of the standards to be followed by New Brunswick RDS Staff.”

4. Ask A Librarian questions and RDS

Recently, a variety of challenging questions have appeared on Ask A Librarian related to RDS and web-document delivery. If a staff is unsure about how to handle a request, s/he is strongly encouraged to ask Nita or their unit supervisors.

Here is an example of a recent question that came through Ask A Librarian:

The user wrote saying, “I am studying abroad and should be exempted to pay the $5.00 fee.” In this scenario, the RDS staff cannot verify whether a student is abroad. If the student is requesting an article delivery within New Brunswick, a charge applies. The staff member who received this request was in touch with Nita, who in turn was in touch with Judy and Imaging Services. We all agreed to uphold the policy of charging for same campus deliveries. Since this user provided no deposit account, the associated requests were cancelled.

For this and similar situations, it is best to double check on what the best practice is. We must be consistent with the high quality of service that we provide, and we should adhere to the policies that are in place. It is important to examine the free versus fee factors, and verify the user’s home campus and school affiliation.

5. Review of RDS Lending Procedures for books to LAW Libraries

There was a need to review and update the lending procedure for books to law libraries, because there is a new and revised book bellyband (rev.8/04). The group members reviewed and updated the procedures, and Nita will send these for web posting.

6. Next meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2004 at 2:30 pm at LSM Special Collections Room

The group expressed interest in having a holiday lunch meeting in the month of December. This lunch has been a tradition that we all would like to continue. Please come with suggestions for where you would like to go.

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