Minutes of December 14, 2004 meeting

Nita Mukherjee(recorder), Stacy DeMatteo, Kristen Ko, Christopher Lee, Eugene McElroy, Drue Williamson, Raymond Balter
Pat Bellanca, Krista Dandurand, Ines Gessner, Linda Mazzeo, Will Torres, Asucion Ortiz
Farideh Tehrani, Darryl Voorhees


  1. Information Sharing
  2. Review of Recall Date, Hold Shelf Pull Date during Winter Session
  3. Update and Statistics from Imaging Services
  4. Music Library RDS, ILL, PALCI Processing
  5. Shipping Holds for Reserve-Library User
  6. Next Meeting

1. Information Sharing

The group met for its annual holiday lunch. Dr. Tehrani joined the group, and gave a brief overview of how the New Brunswick Libraries were reorganized, and how functional groups were developed. She emphasized the importance of active participation, and that each member has an equal opportunity to contribute to the success of the functional group to develop policy initiatives and changes for RUL.

The group welcomed its newest member, Raymond Balter, from Douglass Library. Chiaki Yamada has been assigned to the Student Coordination FG. Chiaki and Raymond have switched job responsibilities.

Nita distributed copies of the following statistics to the group for the months of July – October 2004: RDS books (holds), RDS articles, ILL Lending books, ILL Lending articles. Judy Gardner compiled these numbers. The group congratulated itself on a job well done and awaits the statistics for the rest of the fall semester.

The RDS contact list has been updated in the NBL and RUL directories to reflect the above changes in membership and responsibilities. The music staff members have also been added to the directories.

The documentation of ILL requests and Off-Campus deliveries that the group completed last month has been posted on the NBL website.

All staff reported busy times at their libraries, with an abundance of book returns. Stacy from Annex reported that recently there were 43 book requests from a single user on the same day. In general, all libraries are reporting that the numbers of requests have declined during this period, except for ILL requests, which remain steady.

Due to the final examination period, there are fewer student workers available to help library RDS staff.

2. Review of Recall Date, Hold Shelf Pull Date during winter session

The libraries extended the regular recall due date and hold date to accommodate the large number of users who are away from campus during the exams and winter session.

The group reviewed the following dates and notices during the winter session:

These new dates have been posted on the RUL website, under “News and Events.”

3. Update and Statistics from Imaging Services

The group welcomed special guest, Darryl Voorhees, from Imaging Services. Since the development of Web Document Delivery six months ago, Imaging Services and RDS staff have been working together on this milestone. Darryl provided the group with statistics regarding the number of articles posted. During this time, NBL RDS staff filled 73% of article requests; of this large number, only 1% was paid requests. When analyzed by posting station, Darryl reported that the Camden, Dana, and New Brunswick libraries each posted 33% of the articles.

Darryl also shared information regarding the features of Ariel 4.0 version, which was developed by RLG. This version will have backward-compatibility. Before its release, the ILS and IS staff will be testing the new software. The changes will require updated documentation, and Darryl will provide training.

The group appreciates Darryl’s report at this meeting and his continuing contributions.

4. Music Library RDS, ILL, PALCI Processing

Nita reported that the training of Music Library staff for processing RDS, ILL, and PALCI requests has been completed. The Music Library staff also received training on certain RDS reports.

The Music Library will not be added as a Pickup Location at RUL for several reasons: (1) having two pickup locations within the same building would confuse users; (2) differences in the level of staffing and (3) differences in the number of open hours between the two libraries would make it difficult to provide the best services to users.

5. Shipping holds for Reserve-Library User

The group was reminded to ship holds for reserve-library users separately from all other RDS materials. Also, staff members are encouraged to include the reserve course number and instructor’s name on the routing slip if available. These requests for reserve processing should be sent to the requested library reserve staff.

6. Next Meeting

The date and time of the next meeting will be announced soon. The group is considering a change from the second Tuesday to third Tuesday of each month.

The meeting ended with showering of best wishes for a healthy, peaceful Holiday Season and Happy New Year.

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