Minutes of January 11, 2005 meeting

Krista Dandurand, Stacy DeMatteo, Kristen Ko, Nita Mukherjee(recorder), Drue Williamson
Raymond Balter, Pat Bellanca, Ines Gessner, Christopher Lee, Linda Mazzeo, Eugene McElroy, Asucion Ortiz,
Will Torres
Joseph Asaro


  1. Information Sharing
  2. Use of Copyright Stamp on Article Requests
  3. ILL Dissertations
  4. Pull/Hold Date on Item
  5. Mid-Year Goals/Accomplishments Review

1. Information Sharing

Krista shared the good news that Asucion has returned to work at Kilmer Library, as of January 10th. The group is very happy to welcome her back to work, and wishes her the best of health in the new year.

Both Kristen and Stacy reported that the number of requests and ILL’s have decreased, which usually occurs during winter break.

The group welcomed Joseph, the new staff member at LSM as of December 2004, who is currently attending all FG meetings. Under the guidance of Ines, he has learned how to pack/unpack requested items for delivery.

LSM reported most web document delivery requests during inter session were from faculty using their departmental accounts. Staff has been busy filling paid article requests from one faculty member. Usually, the RUL policy is to fill all requests, instead of giving priority to only one user; however, because other requests have been slow, this influx has not had a major impact. Drue also reported fewer scanner problems following the initiation of weekly maintenance by a technician.

Nita informed the group of the new password change in Workflows, effective January 11th. Also, the RUL default day to process PALCI (E-Z Borrow) requests has been set back to the normal 4-day period (versus 15-days during the holidays). More good news: Raymond is a proud parent of a new baby girl!

2. Use of Copyright Stamp on Article Requests

The group members reviewed the procedures for using copyright stamps on article requests. Whenever an article is photocopied or scanned, a copyright stamp must be placed on the first page of the article. It is also recommended that the request sheet should be stamped. Staff members using scanners should be aware that the Ariel software has a built-in feature that can automatically stamp requests, if that option is appropriately set and saved. Articles that are photocopied and sent by campus mail must be stamped manually.

3. ILL Dissertations

In regards to the confusion about ILL dissertations, Nita shared a few samples with the group and reviewed the procedure for receiving them. The envelope containing the item should clearly show the user’s full name, and RDS staff should place a 30-day hold date and file it on the Hold shelf. These items do not have a barcode or brief record on IRIS. Upon pick-up, the dissertation should be given to the user without charge. If the dissertations are not picked up within 30-days of arrival, they should be returned to ILS – Alexander Library, attention Brian.

4. Pull/Hold Date on Items

During the winter break, all requested items were placed on the Hold shelf with a January 25th pull date. As of January 11th, RUL resumed the normal two-week pull date. Staff was advised to use “Remove Item Hold” wizard when taking items off the hold shelf that were not picked up during the winter break. This will be helpful on January 25th, when the Clear Hold Shelf report will be resumed.

5. Mid-Year Goals/Accomplishments Review

Nita distributed copies of the Mid-Year report for the group to review. Group members compared goals and accomplishments put forth in last year’s report to those included in the current year. The group shared their helpful suggestions, which will be incorporated into the final version. Nita appreciates the group’s active participation in this feedback process.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 8th, location TBA.

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