Minutes of February 8, 2005 meeting

Raymond Balter, Krista Dandurand, Stacy DeMatteo, Kristen Ko, Christopher Lee, Linda Mazzeo, Eugene McElroy, Nita Mukherjee(recorder), Drue Williamson
Pat Bellanca, Ines Gessner, Asuncion Ortiz, Will Torres
Dave Warner


  1. UMDNJ and RDS
  2. Provisional PALCI Requests on Weekends
  3. Clear Hold Shelf Items from January 25, 2005
  4. Claims Returned for Requests sent to Off-Campus Sites
  5. Information Sharing

1. UMDNJ and RDS

RUL recently signed an agreement with the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ) to provide select library services to UMDNJ students, faculty, housestaff, and staff located on the Piscataway and New Brunswick campuses. This includes Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS), the School of Health Related Professionals (SHRP), the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS), and the School of Public Health (SPH). The services offered to UMDNJ-users patrons include a borrowing limit of up to 240 items, RDS options, interlibrary loan, and the use of reserve collections.

Dave Warner, the official liaison between RUL and UMDNJ, joined the FG meeting to explain the changes that will emerge from this new cooperation. Dave will be working from four data files, including students, faculty, housestaff, and staff. The largest data file is from faculty/staff, which contains approximately 4,500 users. All of the above files will be available at LSM and Alexander Library.

All current RDS policies and procedures will be upheld for the new users. For example, same campus delivery of books (i.e. Busch to Busch science branches) will not be available, and article requests must have a deposit account established within the science branches and New Brunswick/Piscataway locations. Because requests coming from these users will lack the school number codes, RDS staff must pay close attention to the following abbreviations:

These are the actual two digit codes we will be seeing in the Status line of the Demographic Tab.

Nita distributed a draft of the contact between RUL and UMDNJ to the group for their review. In addition, a draft revision of the primary borrower’s chart (pages 6-7) containing new procedures on how to register UMDNJ-affiliated users was distributed. As these two documents are finalized, they will be made available on the RUL web.

The entire group extends its thanks to Dave for coming to the meeting, sharing his expertise, and providing insight into the impact of this new change.

2. Provisional PALCI Requests on Weekends

Lately, RDS members have been receiving provisional PALCI requests over the weekends. In general, provisional PALCI requests are expected to be processed within a 24-hour period. Subsequently, there was concern about how this could be accomplished on the weekends – when some libraries are not adequately staffed.

To address this issue, Nita worked with Brian Beyer from the ILS office, which agreed to change the subject line to include the following Monday’s date. This will provide RDS staff with extra time to fill these requests.

3. Clear Hold Shelf Items from January 25, 2005

Over winter break, all requested items were placed on the Hold shelf with a January 25th pull date. On January 25th, the Clear Hold Shelf report was resumed, and the New Brunswick RDS staff submitted the total number of items on their reports. The group reviewed the individual library numbers, which were as follows: of the 524 total books pulled, 206 were from Alexander Library, followed by 117 at Douglass, 86 at Kilmer, and 47 at Art.

Thanks to all the RDS staff, who were very prompt in reporting these numbers. These numbers show that RDS was very busy during this period, both in processing requests as the semester began and maintaining the hold shelves.

4. Claims Returned for Requests sent to Off-Campus Sites

In the last month, there has been an increase in the number of claims returned by users who borrowed and used the RDS service. These claims came in various ways, including phone calls or via Ask-a- Librarian (email).

The group reviewed the 36 off-campus pickup and delivery locations, and noticed that the numbers on the list do not have individual contact names. FG members brainstormed ideas on how to standardize the contacts for materials being sent to off-site locations.

The group agreed on the following:

Because it is often difficult to track these items, the group also stated that more understanding on how these items are shipped will be helpful to deal with future problems. Several members suggested inviting the shipping supervisor, Henry Charles, to an upcoming meeting to provide the group with insight into this process.

5. Information Sharing

Will Torres has left Rutgers University. The group wishes him the best of luck as he moves down South.

Most units reported that the number of requests since the beginning of the spring semester has increased.

Douglass Access Services received the new Workflows Beta Client, which the staff looks forward to using.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, March 8th, 3pm, Douglass Library.

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