Minutes of March 8, 2005 meeting

Raymond Balter, Krista Dandurand, Stacy DeMatteo, Kristen Ko(recorder), Christopher Lee, Priscilla Lee, Nita Mukherjee
Pat Bellanca, Linda Mazzeo, Asuncion Ortiz, Drue Williamson,
Eugene McElroy


  1. Membership change
  2. Requesting On-Order, In-Process or Pending Items
  3. Workflows Upgrade to U2003.1.4
  4. PALCI requests not found
  5. Information sharing

1. Membership change

Priscilla Lee has joined the Functional group from Alexander library. Group welcomed her to her new position. She is encouraged to contact group members or the coordinator if she needs any assistance. Priscilla’s contact information is 932-7851, ext. 113, Email: pris@rci.rutgers.edu.

The NBL RDS FG membership list was updated to reflect this change as well as the recent departure of Will Torres (Alexander) and Ines Gessner (LSM).

2. Requesting On-Order, In-Process or Pending Items

Nita shared that patrons can request any item with a status On-Order, In-Process and Pending. Instead of using DELIVER / RECALL BOOK button, patrons will need to use the REQUEST ARTICLE / OTHER button in IRIS to request these types of items. Any non-circulating items (Microfiche, microfilm, etc.) will also need to be requested using the REQUEST ARTICLE / OTHER button.

In-Process items that have been requested are sent from TSB to Stacy DeMatteo at the Annex. Stacy then places a hold on the item and forward to the appropriate pickup library.

For On-Order or Pending items, TSB will try to rush order and/or process these items.

3. Workflows Upgrade to U2003.1.4

Recently library staff has upgraded to the new version of Workflows. There are no major changes  for the RDS module.Nita shared that there will be no need to  update  the  Keyboard  Express  macros  to accommodate the new WorkFlows screens.  Release  notes  for  U2003.1.4  can  be  found  under  Staff Resources -> Systems -> Useful Links -> Sirsi Unicorn Documentation.

Group is to report any problems to Nita.

4. PALCI requests not found

Several of the RDS staff reported problems with PALCI items unable to be found when using the “Set to Ship Loans” command in URSA.

Nita distributed handouts for tips in trying to locate these items. She recommended searching items using the Request Inquiry button. When searching by Title or Author keyword, she advised staff to use wildcard symbol % before and after the search item term. Example: %Vision of Tragedy%.

Also the radio button setting should be on “Requests made to your library” and request status to should be set to “ANY”.

PALCI request inquiry searches are case sensitive so it important to search the Title exactly as it appears in Workflows. Some staff reports copying and pasting the title from Workflows is helpful.

Lastly if RUL books have 2 different ISBN, you will need to know the request number before you can ship the item out.

If items are still not found, members were instructed to email Chris Sterback from Systems. Members will need to email title, barcode and call number of the item. He will investigate and write back with the PALCI request number.

During the discussion it was recommended that the tips handout be posted on the NBL site.

6. Information sharing

Roger has asked all functional groups to focus on summer training. Nita asked group members to start thinking about important training issues. The group members were asked to bring their ideas to the next meeting. More to come.

Shipping has requested RDS staff to include the University name on the PALCI bands. Currently we are only required to include name of the Borrowing Library and the IDS Number. Nita will be verifying with Judy and get back to us.

Nita shared that REF item and bound PER should not be requested for Reserve for loan at another location. In certain circumstance if the Reference librarian has given permission from the owning library, the item can be put on Reserves. Articles from bound periodicals can be requested for E- Reserve processing.

Nita reminded members to upgrade Law library and Off-Campus  statistics.  Statistics  can  be  found under the Alex T drive -> Volume 1 ->Groups -> Common -> RDS Statistics [Gardner-Millerand]  ->  RDS Statistics FY04-05.

Christopher received a PALCI request for a NJ DOC item. Group agreed that the item should be sent. Due to the fragile nature of the item, it should be placed in an envelope for In-Library Use Only.

Group was reminded not to send any items to the Off Campus/Law libraries location if patrons are Barred/Blocked.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, April 12th Location: LSM Special Collections Room

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