Minutes of April 14, 2005 meeting

Chiaki Yamada, Raymond Balter, Stacy DeMatteo, Kristen Ko, Christopher Lee, Priscilla Lee, Eugene McElroy, Nita Mukerjee, and Drue Williamson(recorder)
Pat Belanca, Krista Dandurand, Linda Mazzeo.


  1. Training
  2. Deposit Accounts for Web Document Delivery
  3. Article Requests for E-Reserves
  4. Damaged Book Stamp
  5. Announcements and Information Sharing

We started our meeting with a memory moment for Asuncion Ortiz; she will be missed.

1. Training

Our discussion moved to how best assess our procedures for RDS from a training standpoint. This brought questions of who would be served by this. Primarily staff? Student workers? Concerns about replication of efforts considering documentation already available was expressed…i.e. Rose’s web CT training for students, how much customizing should be done…etc. The group looked at the RDS FAQ format as another avenue for refining. It was decided that some clarification was needed as to what audience this would be supporting and how to best convey training support.

UPDATE: Nita has clarified with Roger that a good approach would be a short series of “refresher courses” on basic RDS core concepts for both full time and part time staff. These would include how to best explain RDS / REQUESTS / PALCI / ILS ordering to users at the circulation desks, proper shipping and efficient handling of incoming and outgoing materials, etc.

The group will continue to work on these initiatives.

2. Deposit Accounts for Web Document Delivery

Group reviewed web document delivery and reported it is going well so far with the support received from Imaging Services staff. Nita distributed a handout describing the differences between the two kinds of deposit accounts that are necessary for Web Document Delivery. The follow-up points are:

Personal Deposit Accounts:

Departmental Deposit Accounts:

RDS staff must contact Imaging Services if a number in the deposit account field looks strange on a request.

Deposit Accounts are necessary for users who want to use the RDS to order web delivery of article from a library on their home campus for a fee. These accounts are opened with a minimum of $30 with Imaging Services. All accounts are maintained by Imaging Services. Users must complete deposit account forms, which are available under Imaging Services on the web. A link to the forms is also available from the NBL/RDS Functional Group/Documentation page. It is a good idea to have paper copies of these forms available at Access Services circulation desks to help users.

The deposit accounts can be used for Web Document Delivery charged services only, they can not be used to pay for book replacement, processing, or overdue recall fines.

Access Services staff should not accept any payment from the users. Users should mail completed form with their deposit (check only in the mail) to Libraries Imaging Services, Alexander Library, 169 College Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1163.

On weekdays, accounts are created within 24 hours of receipt of an application form and deposit fee or an Internal Purchase Order at the Imaging Services Office in Alexander Library. Users will be notified by email when their personal or departmental account number is ready. They can begin to use it immediately to order articles for a fee in IRIS using the REQUEST ARTICLE/OTHER form. $30.00 minimum supplements may be added to an account and users may ask Imaging Services to close their account at any time. A check for the amount of their balance will be mailed.

3. Article Requests for E-Reserves

Nita shared Zohreh’s correction of last month’s minutes: a request for articles to be put on E- Reserve only originates from faculty member teaching the course and not from Reserves staff.

4. Damaged Book Stamp

If a requested book is in poor condition or needs repair, it is important for the RDS staff to identify and stamp it. The staff must process the request for the user but only after stamping the back cover of the book to note the nature of the damage with the Damaged Book stamp. The user should not be held responsible for these items. Nita took requests from those needing a damaged books stamp and will follow up on placing orders.

5. Announcements and Information Sharing

Members welcomed back Chiaki Yamada to the RDS functional group.

Kristen shared that while it’s a traditionally busy time for Art; all is going well.

Alex, Douglass and LSM have had their student parties.

SMLR has a new security gate.

Nita updated the group that effective April 1, students will receive email notification of any new financial hold transactions through the myRutgers Alert system. For every new financial hold, the student will receive an email directing them the to the myRutgers portal where students can view more detailed hold information showing who placed the hold and the amount, including contact information.

We concluded our meeting with a supportive sendoff for Christopher Lee as he moves forward to his new position as Access Services Librarian at Seton Hall University. He's made our workdays brighter; his spirit of collaboration and innovation will be missed. Congratulations Chris!

Next Meeting: Tuesday, May 10, 2005, Location: LSM Special Collections Room

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