Minutes of June 14, 2005 meeting

Raymond Balter, Pat Bellanca, Krista Dandurand, Linda Mazzeo(recorder), Nita Mukherjee, Drue Williamson, Chiaki Yamada
Kristen Ko, Priscilla Lee, Stacy DeMatteo
Eugene McElroy
Judy Gardner


  1. New PALCI passwords, New Keyboard Express macros
  2. New PICKUP Notices
  3. i-Link glitches
  4. Annual Report preparation and goals
  5. Training Sub-Group
  6. Information Sharing

Nita opened the meeting by welcoming guest Judy Gardner, Head, University Libraries Access and Interlibrary Services.

1. New PALCI passwords, New Keyboard Express macros

New Palci passwords were distributed to each branch on June 1st. No problems were reported using the new codes.

Keyboard Express macros were updated to reflect changes in iLink involving the replacement of Self Services with My Account. Keyboard Express macros were distributed with a reminder to replace “library” with your own location and insert the current date where indicated. Linda will create a clean Word document, which has been requested by several branches that do not use macros.

2. New PICKUP Notices

The “pickup notice” text has been revised to reflect the correct length of time (five days) that non-circulating/reference items are held at the pickup location.

Flyers announcing the new ILS/ PALCI overdue directives are being inserted into all “hold” items by ILS staff before items are sent to their pickup locations. The new policy alerts patrons that ILL and E-Z Borrow items will only be eligible for renewal in the first seven days after their original due date. After this period, the patron will receive a final notice indicating replacement and processing costs. It is hoped that this new policy will encourage patrons to renew or return ILL/ PALCI materials more promptly.

Judy indicated that the flyers will be revised prior to the Fall semester and asked for any suggestions or corrections.

3. iLink Glitches

Pat Bellanca reported that Alcohol Studies was inundated with at least 30 books for “hold” during the first week of the new iLink. If the patron did not indicate the pickup library, Alcohol Studies Library became the default. This error was corrected within a few days. Meanwhile, Pat modified the pickup location as staff notified her, and then re-routed these items to the proper location.

Another reported problem was that the IRIS record screen does not reflect any “holds” that may have been placed on an item. This may inconvenience patrons and deter them from placing a PALCI request. Judy felt that this might be the result of the “collapsed” display of the holdings. Bob Warwick in Systems is currently working to remedy the situation. An announcement will be made when it has been corrected.

4. Annual Report preparation and goals

The group reviewed the goals met during the 2004-05 fiscal year, and also discussed the goals for the upcoming year. The following goals were accomplished by the group: implementation of Web Document Delivery, development of a standard RDS toolbar for Workflows, coordination of trainings for new/temporary RDS staff, utilization of reports to locate and resolve problems in Workflows related to Delivery Service, and providing central access to RDS documentation.

The following goals were discontinued: delivery of PALCI articles, decentralization of Web Document Delivery, and development of an online log for reporting and tracking equipment and software trouble.

New key goals were also established for the 2005-06 fiscal year:

  1. Extend membership of functional group
  2. Provide overview of RDS procedures to all Access Services staff to better serve patrons
  3. Develop WebCT quizzes for RDS student assistants
  4. Transfer system-wide RDS statistics reporting and posting from Judy/Lucy to Nancy Hendrickson’s website
  5. Update off-campus statistics for requests
  6. Test and prepare for upgrades to Unicorn software.

5. Training Sub-Group

A subgroup has been formed (Chiaki Yamada, Krista Dandurand, Kristen Ko, Nita Mukherjee) to help library staff provide better service to patrons. During the next few months, the group will prepare a presentation to address the questions that Access Services staff my encounter while assisting patrons. The target date for delivery of this presentation is the afternoon of August 25th. All Access Services staff is encouraged to attend.

In addition, Priscilla and Chiaki will be working on WebCT quizzes with the student functional group coordinator, Rose. It is hoped that these will be ready by the beginning of the Fall semester.

6. Information Sharing

Raymond will give a presentation to Douglass in-house staff on the key points of RDS service on August 9th.

Drue reported that RDS requests have slowed down at LSM.

Krista stated that RDS requests have also decreased at Kilmer, and she has been able to complete the pull list without using a truck.

Pat reported that Alcohol Studies has the services of one work-study student, who will be doing data entry for the summer. RDS request have been slow at that location with the exception of the one week of 30 books.

Linda has been training co-worker, John Rake, in the RDS processing procedures at the Music Library.

Kristen trained a new staff member, Gillian Newton, on RDS overview in May.

Nita reported that Roger Smith has discontinued the monthly team leader meeting because much of the information shared is repeated at the Monthly Access Services meeting. She also gave a reminder that all statistics through the month of June must be turned in for inclusion in the Annual Report. Nita would like to make outreach as the primary goal for the RDS FG.

7. Next Meeting

Tuesday, July 12th in the Hughes Room at Alexander Library, time TBA.

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