Minutes of July 12, 2005 meeting

Raymond Balter, Krista Dandurand, Kristen Ko, Priscilla Lee, Linda Mazzeo, Nita Mukherjee(recorder), Drue Williamson, Chiaki Yamada
Pat Bellanca, Stacy DeMatteo,
Eugene McElroy
Glenn Sandberg (ILS), Meghan Lord (SERC)


  1. RAPID: New Document Delivery Service at RUL
  2. Update on Current Projects
  3. PALCI Multi-Volume sets
  4. Recent Ask-A-Librarian Questions
  5. Annual Report: Draft Review
  6. Information Sharing
  7. Next Meeting

At the start of the meeting, FG members introduced themselves to the two special guests, Glenn Sandberg from ILS and Meghan Lord from SERC.

1. RAPID: New Document Delivery Service at RUL

Glenn Sandberg shared information about RAPID, the new document delivery service that may be implemented at RUL. Although PALCI had been intended for both article and book delivery, RUL only uses this service for books. As an alternative to the PALCI article delivery, RUL is considering to use another service called RAPID.

According to Glenn, RAPID will provide a better delivery service that requires a 24-hour turnaround time. Other institutions, including Cornell, Columbia, and UPENN, are already using the RAPID delivery service. There is a site visit scheduled for August 4, 2005 to UPENN to observe their way of operating with this new system. RUL is currently in its preliminary stage of planning, and all future developments will be shared with the FG members.

2. Update on Current Projects

Currently, the FG is involved in three different projects. First, Linda reported that work on Keyboard Express Hot Keys has been completed, producing a clean Word document. Because the Music Library and some branch libraries receive only a few requests, there is no need for them to use Keyboard Express Macros. Anyone interested in having this newly developed document should contact Linda for a copy.

Secondly, Priscilla and Chiaki gave the FG an update on their plans for the WebCT quizzes. They will develop quizzes for students working at the Circulation desk that will also include general RDS- related work. In addition, they plan to design answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding RDS. Both FG members were applauded on their efforts. At a future meeting (September), it was suggested that they present their work to the entire FG.

The third ongoing project is the training of Access Services staff on Delivery Services. The training subgroup shared their plans with the other FG members. The public speaking component of the upcoming August presentation (on the 25th) will be shared by members of the FG. Nita asked for volunteers for this presentation, and is waiting for responses. Any ideas or suggestions regarding this presentation should be directed to Nita.

3. PALCI Multi-Volume Sets

Judy sent out an email, reminding all staff to send the first 5 volumes of a set when a user places a multi-volume request. As a follow-up, the FG reviewed pages 6-10 of the PALCI procedures document. According to this document, only the first 4 volumes should be sent to the user. Processing of multi-volume provisional PALCI requests was also reviewed. The group discussed necessary changes to the document, and Nita will send a revised copy to Judy.

4. Recent Ask-A-Librarian Questions

Recently, there were several interesting Ask-A-Librarian questions related to RDS. The first question was regarding a recalled item that was returned to the Newark Law Library, from where all items are sent to Dana Library to be discharged. Due to this delay, the user accumulated late fees. In similar situations, staff should give the user the benefit of the doubt, and if necessary, make follow-up phone calls to the law libraries.

Another user was wondering if someone had stolen her Rutgers username and password after receiving an cancellation notice for an unfilled request that she claimed she had not placed. Bob from Systems was contacted to investigate the history logs, and found that the request was made from IRIS, not Workflows. Because no PIN is required to submit a request, it is possible that a previous userís barcode carried over on the request form. It is also possible that the user forgot that she submitted the request.

5. Annual Report: Draft Review

Nita distributed drafts of the annual report and accompanying statistics to all FG members. The group reviewed the documents, and Nita asked for any feedback. The report demonstrates the groupís many successful activities, which is a reflection of all the membersí hard work and dedication to RUL. Nita thanked the entire group for their great work this year.

6. Information Sharing

Drue reported that the scanner is working well at LSM.

Chiaki, Kristen, Krista, and Nita reported that they are busy preparing parts of the training presentation.

Raymond is also busy rehearsing his skit for the training presentation.

Kristen reported that the Art Library shelves are filled with books for pick-up by only a few users. The Art Library is running out of space, and if the pile continues to grow, additional shelves may be needed.

Priscilla reported that the SC/UA had another sprinkler leak recently. In addition, there was a power outage in the building and Alex RDS staff lost Ariel. A trouble ticket has been placed and all scanning is now being sent to Imaging Services for the time being.

Glenn reported that OCLC is still experiencing technical problems with their server, producing a backlog, which is gradually decreasing. This problem is still posted on the RUL News and Events bulletin and the ILL form. In general, users have been cooperative and understanding of this delay.

7. Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on September 13, 2005, location TBA.

The August meeting has been cancelled in order to provide FG members with more time to prepare for the training presentation.

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