Minutes of September 13, 2005 meeting

Raymond Balter, Krista Dandurand, Carolyn Foote, Priscilla Lee, Linda Mazzeo(recorder), Theresa Macklin, Holly Muller, Nita Mukherjee, Nicole Warren, Drue Williamson, Chiaki Yamada.
Pat Bellanca, Kristen Ko
Eugene McElroy, MaryAnne Nesbit
Roger Smith


  1. Announcements / Updates
  2. Information Sharing
  3. RDS FG Questionnaire
  4. PALCI Procedure Updates
  5. New Group Name and Purpose Statement
  6. Videoconferencing
  7. Removing Holds from pull lists – special circumstances

Nita welcomed our new members: Carolyn Foote (Dana via videoconference), Priscilla Lee (Kilmer), Theresa Macklin (Camden via videoconference), Holly Muller (LSM), Nicole Warren (Alex) and our guest, Roger Smith, Assistant Head, Access Services. Now our group consists of members from all three Rutgers campuses!

1. Announcements/ Updates

This was the first functional group meeting to be teleconferenced with Dana and Camden. Thanks go out to Rich Sandler at the Media Center, John Gibson at Camden and Billie Majors at Dana for their Technical Support in making this a successful event. The coordination of our efforts between all three campuses will help us to better serve our patrons system-wide.

Nita distributed a new roster with each member’s contact information. This will be posted on the FG website (done). Nita will email a link to the FG web site on the NBL to Carolyn, MaryAnne and Theresa (done).

The training overview of RDS functions, compiled by Chiaki, Krista, Kristen and Nita, will be presented on the afternoon of Tuesday, October 5, 2005 at the SCC. All frontline Access Services staff (including student workers) responsible for explaining RDS procedures to patrons will be invited to attend. The presentation will be teleconferenced to Camden and Dana.

Earlier in the summer, IRIS record screen did not reflect all holds on all copies that were placed on an item. This glitch was the result of collapsed display of the holdings in I-Link. This was reported fixed.

Nita circulated a new ILL/PALCI informational flyer announcing the new ILS/PALCI overdue directives. This flyer will be placed in all incoming ILL and PALCI books by ILS staff again. Please encourage patrons to read this flyer when you give them their item. The new policy alerts patrons that ILL and E-Z Borrow items will only be eligible for renewal in the first seven days after their original due date. After this period, the patron will receive a final notice indicating replacement and processing costs.

2. Information Sharing

Holly / LSM – happy to have student workers to assist her in her new RDS position.

Ray / Douglass – things are status quo at Douglass.

Linda / Music – both RDS and PALCI requests have picked up dramatically at Music Library since the start of the semester.

Drue / LSM – department is short-staffed and they have received a large number of requests with the start of the semester.

Nicole / Alex – the returning students have been a big help. Nicole explained the flyer she prepared which explains “What is the RRS-OFFCAMPUS user?” and how RDS workers should process items they may receive for an RRS-OFFCAMPUS user.

Chiaki / Douglass – very busy training the many new student workers.

Priscilla / Kilmer – relatively quiet at Kilmer

Krista / Kilmer – backup person for RDS at Kilmer; all is ok.

Carolyn / Dana – very busy and has no students; requests that RDS books shipped to Dana be sent separately from those for Reserve and circulation returns.

Theresa / Camden – handles RDS and PALCI. Is training new student workers. Requests that Reserve and RDS items being sent to Camden be packaged separately. Has found that some PALCI shippers are stapling their envelopes causing injury when they are opened. Nita will follow up with Glenn Sandberg in ILS to relay this message to other PALCI participants.

3. RDS Functional Group Questionnaire

Nita explained how changes in the scope of all the functional groups from NBL to RUL-wide would be a valuable asset to everyone involved. This questionnaire for our group was distributed by email in August. Thanks to all who had sent in their comments. The intention of this questionnaire was to evaluate and / or eliminate any redundancies. Working together in a group that is system wide will bring us all closer and improve services.

4. PALCI procedures

The “Procedures for Processing PALCI EZ-Borrow Requests at Rutgers” was recently revised. Many updates were made to various sections and the group was encouraged to read through the entire document. Nita reviewed the numerous changes that have been made to the PALCI procedures.

Highlights include:

A copy of this document has been now posted on the libraries’ web sites (RUL & NBL)

Changes to PALCI Aged Holds Report:

Palci aged hold reports now list outgoing as well as incoming holds. Check for RUL barcoded items for outgoing requests and other PALCI member items for incoming. Items not located for incoming items should be reported to Glenn Sandberg. Let Nita know if these reports work for you of if they should be separated into two different lists.

Accompanying materials and PALCI:

The issue of “accompanying materials” was discussed. The PALCI tech support made programming changes for item with multiple pieces. As a result, if we are to perform a Ship Loans command and the pieces field in the item record is greater than “1”, the URSA software will be able to perform the transaction without Chris Sterback’s intervention. The goal here is: if items are catalogued together, they remain together and should be charged and shipped as one.

5. New name and purpose statement

Our group has been asked to revise its purpose statement, using the following guidelines:

Nita had distributed a copy of the current purpose statement to the group prior to the meeting by email. The group is asked to consider changes to the purpose statement using the guidelines above.

The group has also been asked to brainstorm on a new name. Drue Williamson, Raymond Balter and Nicole Warren read suggestions for a new name and purpose statement for our group. Keep in mind that our purpose should reflect the inclusion of all campuses and our responsibility to test changes and propose new ideas within the Unicorn system. Nita asked Carolyn and Theresa to email their suggestions so they can be included with all the others.

The goal in selecting a new name is to eliminate the word “functional”. Suggestions included: working group, group, committee, exchange group, and team. Suggestions for a new name must be universally acceptable for all current “functional” groups.

6. Videoconferencing

Nicole Warren and Chiaki Yamada volunteered to take care of the video conferencing equipment during our monthly meetings in the future.

7. Removing Holds from pull lists – special circumstances

Nita distributed handouts for how to clear Holds from RDS pull lists with item status LONGOVRDUE, LOST-ASSUMED, REF, LOST-ITEM, OVDRECALL etc. These steps should only be used for special circumstances. It appears that placing a hold with the staff override in WorkFlows negates any conditions in our policy tables. The statement from WorkFlows help states:” When a user places a system-range hold using an override, the hold can be satisfied by any item of the title; nothing disqualifies this type of hold.”

Next meeting: Tuesday, October 25th at Kilmer Media Center

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