Minutes of November 29, 2005 meeting

Raymond Balter, Pat Bellanca, Carolyn Foote, Kristen Ko, Priscilla Lee, Linda Mazzeo, Theresa Macklin, Dean Meister, Holly Muller, Nita Mukherjee, Glenn Sandberg(recroder), Drue Williamson.
Chiaki Yamada, Nicole Warren, Eugene McElroy, Mary A. Nesbit, Meghan Lord.
Marilyn Wilt


  1. Announcements – Nita Mukherjee
  2. Effective Meetings Program– Marilyn Wilt
  3. Update on Rapid– Glenn Sandberg
  4. Requests for Items with Multiple Pieces
  5. Information Sharing - Everyone

1. Announcements:

2. Effective Meetings:

At the invitation of Nita, Marilyn Wilt, Training and Learning Coordinator for Rutgers University Libraries gave a PowerPoint presentation on “Committee Best Practices for Effective Meetings”. Meetings are most effective only when there is active participation by both members and chair.

Marilyn expanded on: a) how the chair and members should prepared in advance for the meeting, b) how the meetings should be conducted, and c) what follow-up actions are needed after the meeting.

In addition, Marilyn made some excellent suggestions regarding special considerations for videoconference meetings. This presentation went very well and there was active participation by all members including those at remote sites Dana and Robeson.

The group is thankful to Marilyn for her time and thoughtful presentation.

3. Update on RAPID:

Glenn Sandberg, supervisor of Interlibrary Loan Services, updated the group on the use of the RAPID journal article delivery service. RAPID members guarantee a 24 hour turnaround time on article requests, and RUL began a trial membership for borrowing only on November 11, 2005. RUL may participate as a lender on a trial basis for the month of December.

Glenn described the procedures for submitting an article request via RAPID and offered to demonstrate these procedures for the group at a future meeting at Alexander Library. Depending on the availability of an appropriate meeting room, Nita and Glenn will both follow up on this tentative meeting.

4. Requests for Items with Multiple Pieces:

The group would like to discuss the “Accompanying Materials, 5-23-05” document regarding how to handle requests for items with multiple pieces such as CDs. Maps, DVDs etc. This topic was tabled for a future meeting due to Nicole Warren’s excused absence. Nita offered a few words on the cataloging and processing of items with multiple pieces which helped the group understand some of the issues surrounding this topic.

Members should review the above document and come prepared for discussion in a future meeting.

5. Information Sharing:

Raymond/Douglass: Alfreda Richardson is moving from Douglass to SERC.

Nita/Douglass: She trained a new staff member Shawn Moriarty from Kilmer library on RDS/PALCI on November 8, 2005.

Holly/LSM: PALCI volume is heavy at LSM.

Pat/Alcohol: No report, all is well.

Dean/Annex: The volume of requests at the Annex seems to be as much as at Chang.

Drue/LSM: Staff is waiting for a “match” between the software and hardware for the new scanner.

Glenn/ILS-ALEX: RUL has been a net lender for the past two months in the area of interlibrary transactions.

Linda/Music: They are processing a great deal of interlibrary loan requests.

Kristen/Art: Also processing many interlibrary loan requests and continues to be a popular location for PALCI pickups. Glenn asked for clarification of the status of “Art Carrel.”

Priscilla/Kilmer: Finally Kilmer library is at full staff; Shawn Moriarity is new reserve coordinator and working in Media Services evenings. Daphne Roberts from Media Services is working some hours at Kilmer’s circulation desk.

Theresa/Robeson: They have seen a large increase in PALCI transactions.

Carolyn/Dana: Dana has also seen a large increase in PALCI transactions. However, problems persist in sending books from Dana RDS to Dana Circulation. Carolyn also reported on problems in labeling and packaging of books from Alexander Library to Dana Library.

6. Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held at the Old Man Raffery’s restaurant on Thursday, December 8, 2005 at 12 noon. This location was chosen for the convenience of the members from Newark and Camden campuses because it is close to the train station.

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