Minutes of April 25, 2006 meeting

Raymond Balter, Arden De La Cruze, Carolyn Foote, Dorothy Grauer, Kristen Ko, Priscilla Lee, Meghan Lord, Linda Mazzeo (recorder), Theresa Macklin, Eugene McElroy, Dean Meister, Nita Mukherjee (coordinator), Mary Anne Nesbit, Glenn Sandberg, Drue Williamson.
Pat Bellanca, Holly Muller, and Nicole Warren
Judy Gardner, Henry Charles, Darryl Voorhees, and Rae Wong


  1. Updates / Announcements -NM
  2. PALCI Aged Holds Reports - KK, GS
  3. Shipping Issues - HC, JG
  4. Testing GL3.0 - NM
  5. Online Courses and Article Delivery - NM
  6. Interlibrary Loan Open House - DV, GS
  7. Information Sharing - ALL

1. Updates / Announcements

Nita introduced a new member: Arden De La Cruz from Imaging Services and welcomed guests: Judy Gardner, Henry Charles, Darryl Voorhees and Rae Wong.

2. PALCI Aged Hold Reports

There is a need to have a clear direction of work flow between RDS and ILS-ALEX in regard to PALCI Aged Holds reports. Kristen reported items on the Aged Hold Report for over six weeks. A clear standard of procedures for staff defining specifically what to do under the following circumstances:

A discussion produced the following procedures directing how this issue should be addressed in the future:

It is estimated that this process should take approximately two weeks. Judy will address the question of the actual removal of the item from the Aged Hold Report with Chris Sterback and Glenn will report back to the group as to how that will be handled.

3. Shipping Issues

Shipping supplies (boxes, bags, labels, tapes) needed by the four UPS sites (Alex, LSM, Dana and Camden), to send out PALCI and ILS requests are provided by Henry, the shipping supervisor.

Henry showed samples of unacceptable mailing addresses and presented a list of proper rules for packing which should be posted in each location's mailroom:

Nita showed a photo of plastic, foam-lined cases used by Princeton University to ship microfilm reels. The group felt the box is a good idea but funding would be difficult. Instead appropriately sized boxes would be a plus to ensure the safe transit of our microfilm requests. Henry would provide the padding or bubble wraps to line the cardboard boxes that would be used.

Dean pointed out the importance of verifying that each microfilm reel was properly stamped with a RUL property stamp. Glenn will query the ILS Leading staff to see if they check for an RUL stamp on items before they are sent out. Dean can also provide rolls of brown paper that can be used to wrap large item for which an appropriately sized box is unavailable. He also suggested checking with Gov. Docs to see if they have a surplus of smaller sized boxes.

4. Testing GL 3.0

This next version of WorkFlows will go "live" the weekend after Memorial Day. For testing various functions for Requests, Holds information/maintenance, Recalls, Brief records etc. a subgroup was formed. Nita, Kristen, Nicole, Carolyn, Priscilla and Dean are currently conducting the "C" client testing for GL3.0. Results should be reported to the coordinator by Friday, May 5th.

5. Online Courses and Article Delivery

Our current policy and rules governing article delivery as they relate to the students' "home campus" apply to students taking Online Distance Learning courses at RU regardless of where they live. These students need a deposit account to request articles from libraries on the same campus as their school/depart. For SCILS students that means NB/Piscataway campus, and for Beijing business students that means Newark Campus. In another words a student in a SCILS program would need a deposit account to request articles from Alexander Library (or any other NBL location) even if they lived in Virginia and never came to College Avenue Campus because CAC is the "home campus" for the SCILS program. A request from a SCILS student from Newark or Camden would be filled free of charge.

However, ILL article requests are delivered at no charge to these students. In addition, the electronic journals are available to them via the proxy.

Darryl commented that students at Newark or Camden have set up no deposit accounts yet.

6. Interlibrary Loan Open House

The Open House hosted by ILS-Alex on Wednesday, April 12th was a great success. ILS staff shared walk-through of the general day-to-day operation of the ILS office as well as demos of JerseyCat and web article delivery. Arden explained the new RAPID system, the 24-hour turn-around of article requests, and Darryl gave a tour of the Imaging Services department.

Another open house may be scheduled over the summer for those who missed this event.

7. Information Sharing

Dorothy: UMI Dissertation check-in needs to be updated by all branches for titles from 1999-2006.

Meghan: Will Torres has returned to Alex and will do Billing, RDS and Reserves.

Glenn: hopes to have open ILS position posted and filled by early June.

Henry: Jim Robinson will be returning to work next week following a lengthy illness.

Drue: have had minimal problems with the new scanner.

Kristen: the hold shelves at Art are still packed full; more space is needed.

Next meeting: TBA

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