Minutes of June 27, 2006 meeting

Katie Anderson, Raymond Balter (recorder), Arden de la Cruz, Carolyn Foote, Dorothy Grauer, Kristen Ko, Priscilla Lee, Meghan Lord, Theresa Macklin, Linda Mazzeo, Nita Mukherjee, Holly Muller, Mary Anne Nesbit, Glenn Sandberg, Darryl Vorhees, Nicole Warren, Drue Williamson.
Dean Meister, Pat Bellanca (excused), Eugene McElroy (excused), and Rae Wong (excused)


  1. Review of FY 2005/06 goals
  2. Set goals for FY 2006/07
  3. Review of procedures for PALCI aged holds
  4. PALCI issues: dealing with duplicate requests, handling damaged PALCI items
  5. Review of Resource Sharing Group's statistics
  6. Updates from Inter Library Loan Services and Imaging Services
  7. RDS Web-CT quiz revisions
  8. Information Sharing

Nita began the meeting by introducing and welcoming Katie Anderson. Effective July 1st Katie Anderson from Camden will become the Resource Sharing Group's coordinator. Introductions were made. Rae Wong from the Chang Library is another new member of the group. All members from Camden and Newark traveled to New Brunswick and were able to attend this meeting in person. Nita thanked everyone for traveling so far for this transitional meeting.

1) Review of FY 2005/06 goals

The Group reviewed its accomplishments and goals for FY 2005/06. It was an active year. The group was successful in meeting 7 out of 8 goals that were set.

2) Set goals for FY 2006/07

Nita asked for suggestions for future goals and distributed a draft that she had prepared. The group was requested to consider other group projects and to let her know any suggestions soon. The annual report is due by July 7, 2006. Some of the goals discussed include:

3) Review of procedures for PALCI aged holds

A draft detailing proposed procedures, which was drawn up by Glenn and Chris Sterback, was circulated. The questions raised were: How long will we wait to remove the hold? Where will the hold be removed, at the ILL office or at the pick-up library? What sort of e-mail notification, if any, will then be sent to the patron? The group concluded that there is a need for continued discussion on these matters.

4) Other PALCI issues:

Dealing with duplicate requests: The group discussed the procedures detailed on the handout. For duplicate PALCI requests, staff was instructed to fill the request with the lowest number, and to then mark all subsequent requests for the same item as "unfilled," citing duplicate request as the reason.

Handling damaged PALCI items: For damaged PALCI items, it was reiterated that the same fundamental procedure that is employed for damaged RUL-owned items should also be practiced here. When staff see that a damaged PALCI item has been returned, they should not discharge it. Glenn requested that staff contact him directly via e-mail about the book and he will begin to proceed with a claim against the user.

Carolyn mentioned to the group the situation at Dana, where the circulation staff is separate from RDS staff, and thus items are discharged before she ever receives them.

Members also mentioned problems that they have been having with UPS delivering damaged PALCI items, and Glenn also said to contact him immediately in that case. He said that he could bring a claim against UPS as well, and the staff should save the original packaging that the book came in.

Nita then discussed two other scenarios where staff could encounter damaged ILL/PALCI items: lending and receiving. When lending a damaged book for ILL/PALCI, staff should stamp the item as "Damaged" before shipping. When receiving a damaged PALCI/ILL item, staff should stamp the belly band "Damaged" before circulating it to users.

5) Review of Resource Sharing Group's statistics

Nita distributed a handout that detailed the annual statistics for lending and borrowing of RDS, PALCI and ILL from July 2005 to May 2006. She specifically made mention of how impressive the numbers are. Another handout that was distributed gave a breakdown of each institution that lent items via PALCI to Rutgers University Libraries, and also detailed each institution that borrowed from Rutgers via PALCI. The report showed the items filled, the items unfilled, the total number of requests, the percentage of items filled, and the number of days to shipment. She also reminded everyone to submit his or her off-campus and law library statistics.

6) Updates from Inter Library Loan Services and Imaging Services

Arden spoke and gave a summation on statistics, specifically on the number of pages scanned for Reserves, RDS, ILS, and RAPID.

Darryl was invited to this meeting. He passed out and discussed a handout that described the new machines that will be in use at RUL. He explained how this initially costly upgrade would actually save the University money in the long run by reducing printing expenses over time. He spoke about the new services and features that these new machines will make possible, such as having the administrative fleet networked to Ariel for web document delivery. The plan is to purchase 17 new machines.

Glenn informed the group that is working with Judy Gardner of a plan to allow lending of DVDs and videos from Media. They are working with Jane Sloan and Jan Reinhart to implement this plan. The goal is to make system-wide decisions regarding borrowing and lending of media collections.

7) RDS WebCT quiz revisions

We learned that the quiz was too difficult, so it will be revised for the students, with the intention of using it as a training tool in the fall. Priscilla said that she would get together soon with Chiaki and Rose to work on it. Priscilla will report back to the group. Updates from Rose: "We didn't remove any questions on the quiz, we just reworded or reformatted how the question was asked. We made changes to questions 2, 3, 4, 8, 10." They have finished this task last Friday and it is up on WebCT now for everyone to review.

8) Information Sharing

Next Meeting: Tuesday July 25th from 2:30-4:30.

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