Minutes of October 24, 2006 meeting

Katie Anderson, Raymond Balter, Pat Bellanca, Arden de la Cruz, Carolyn Foote, Dorothy Grauer, Kristen Ko, Priscilla Lee, Linda Mazzeo, Holly Muller, Nita Mukherjee, Mary Anne Nesbit, Glenn Sandberg, Nicole Warren, Drue Williamson, Rae Wong (recorder)


  1. GL3.1 Testing
  2. PALCI Aged Hold: wording of notification when hold is removed.
  3. ILL and PALCI Returns
  4. Hold Shelf Inventory Report
  5. RDS REQ: Off-site requests for unregistered users
  6. New scanners/copiers
  7. Microfilm: scanning and emailing
  8. Sakai

There was a slight delay in beginning the meeting due to some technical issues with the videoconferencing setup.

GL3.1 Testing

GL3.1 will be rolled out during Winter Break. The following people will be testing various functions in the new system prior to the release:

Glenn - ILL functions
Drue - Create and delete brief records
Nicole - Check item status, manage transit and display items
Kristen - Holds and recalls
Mary Anne - Requests

Testing is to be completed by 12/10/06

PALCI Aged Hold: wording of notification when hold is removed

Nicole volunteered to work on the wording of the notification to be sent to patrons when a hold is removed from a PALCI book when it is not available.

ILL and PALCI Returns

A list was distributed that compiles all the shipping locations for lending of ILS Materials and PALCI materials. The return shipping locations are also listed for each library.

Hold Shelf Inventory Report

Katie shared the "hold inventory report" used at Camden to identify items that should not be on the hold shelf. The item barcode will be added to this report. Chris Sterback will create the weekly report for any library interested. Staff from Kilmer, LSM and Chang expressed interest in the report.

Katie will distribute the process on how Camden uses the hold inventory report to keep their hold shelf in order.

Nicole requested that the item barcode be added to the Clear Hold Shelf Report.

RDS REQ: Off-site requests for unregistered users

We are receiving requests for unregistered library users who enter their RUID in the field. Items are being requested for Off-site users that do not have barcodes. It was decided that in the cases of off-site requests without barcodes, RDS staff will assign a barcode in order to check out the item to the user. They will notify the user of the barcode using the Ask a Librarian Macro. Katie will send this macro to the group.

This decision on off-site requests led to a discussion about RUL requests. After discussion, a solution was put forth that, the owning library would send the book to the pick up library. The pick up library would register the borrower before checking the item out to them.

New scanners/copiers

Katie reported that Camden is now using the new scanner attached to the photocopier to process requests. Comments were made at the meeting that it is not easy to scan thick bound journals. Arden offered to assist staff who have questions on how to best utilize the new equipment. Dana reported that the new scanner/photocopier is not connected at their location yet.

Microfilm: scanning and emailing

Issue tabled for discussion at a later date.


Katie polled everyone on their experiences with Sakai. Most people reported that they preferred to have information pushed to them, as opposed to having to pull the information themselves. Katie encouraged everyone to play with Sakai and use the message board to communicate questions and issues for the RSG Group.

Arden reported that copies have been increased to .15/ page and color will be .33 Imaging services has acquired a binder-minder copier for photocopying fragile items. Flash drives are available for $15.00 at ALEX and LSM. They are 256MB.

Glenn brought up an issue with PALCI multivolume requests from our patrons. If we own only some of the volumes, the patron is blocked from ordering the other volumes from PALCI. Currently the work around is to create a hold on the item for the patron, thus making it available in PALCI. A better fix for this is needed.

Next Meeting November 28th 2:30-4:00
Videoconferencing to Kilmer, Alex- UL room, Dana - Special Collections, and Douglass.

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