Minutes of January 30, 2007 meeting

Katie Anderson, Raymond Balter, Pat Bellanca, Arden DeLaCruz, Carolyn Foote, Dorothy Grauer, Kristen Ko, Priscilla Lee, Meghan Lord, Kristen Macaluso, Linda Mazzeo, Holly Muller, Nicole Warren and Mary Anne Nesbit (recorder).
Eugene McElroy, Drue Williamson, Rae Wong.


  1. It was decided that we would recommend that we "turn ourselves off" over the next holiday break because the larger libraries were returning to a large backload and all libraries were spending time on requests that had already moved on. Our patrons will be able to request, but we will not receive requests from other school's patrons.
  2. The group discussed PALCI and ILL items in transit from ILL to branch libraries. These items are not put in transit and there was a discussion regarding why this is the case. At this time there do not seem to be any issues with them not being put in transit, but this can be discussed later after some more investigation. Some inconsistencies with transit/untransit were discussed. Katie will investigate.
  3. An explanation was provided as to why sometimes PALCI holds appear on a hold list, but when staff attempt to ship in PALCI, the item has been filled by another RUL. Katie shared the timing explanation that was provided by systems.
  4. Katie suggested to all that it is advantageous to use a macro for the password for updating Receive Item In Transit.
  5. Katie asked all who work with PALCI to be sure to subscribe to the PALCI listserv.
  6. RUL is a net lender for PALCI: Loaned 7,568 Borrowed 7,367
  7. Procedures for Handling PALCI Aged Holds were confirmed. Item will be re-ordered for patron. No notification necessary.
  8. There was a request for procedures for Clear Holds report when the item is not found.

2) REQ's

  1. Replacement pages, it was confirmed that acid free paper is used. Katie is checking with DTS re: quality of scans and oversized images.
  2. Pick-up library - Required field. The request will go thru and the A-Team will UNFILL and send message to user. An example of what A-Team sees and the text used to reply to the patron was provided
  3. Distance Learning. No deposit account is necessary. There is no charge for these borrowers who identify themselves as distance learners ASC looking into a way to identify the user.
  4. The group requested contact information for Western Monmouth when assistance is needed regarding charged/returned items.
  5. Annex - reminder that article requests are free.

3) RDS

  1. Pull list - Reference items for reserve. Requests for these should be canceled. Reserve items are usually requested through REQ's.
  2. There was a discussion on whether to convert a hold to a different edition when the requested edition cannot be found. Pros and cons were mentioned. This will be discussed again in the future.
  3. Hold cancellation message. What does the patron see? Katie reminded the group that there is a link on the staff resources page with the text for all the notices that patrons receive.

4) Projects

  1. J-client Toolbars and Training. The timeline was given as training in May and switch over in June. Some volunteers will work on creating Toolbars. Katie will find out if J-Client can be installed on volunteer workstations.
  2. Documentation from NBL page to Staff Resources. Judy Gardner would like to move this documentation to the Staff Resources page. Volunteers were called to look at this to see what should be carried over.

Future Discussions

  1. New ILL software by 7/2007. There are 2 systems being looked at.
  2. New copiers and scanners
  3. RDS article delivery stats

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