Minutes of April 24, 2007 meeting

Katie Anderson, chair; Raymond Balter; Carolyn Foote; Judy Gardner, guest; Dorothy Grauer; Rebecca Lau; Nita Mukherjee; Holly Muller; Linda Mazzeo; Maryanne Nesbit; Nicole Warren; Drue Williamson; Rae Wong


  1. Judy Gardner: ILLiad
  2. PALCI: multi-volume returns, blocked patrons
  3. REQ's: form, Blocked Off-Campus
  4. J-Client
  5. Information Sharing

1. Judy began with an overview of the new ILLiad system which will replace our old inter- library loan service starting in June. There are many options available in the package. Policies and procedures need to be discussed and put into place. The considerations include:

Judy cited the policies at Ohio State, Penn State, Indiana Univ. to give us an idea of what others are doing with the software.

The patron will set up their account in ILLiad and then be able to log into ILLiad and view the status of their request at any time. There is also an email function in ILLiad, which, via Odyssey, will scan and send article requests directly to the requestor’s desktop.

Judy pointed out that TSB will realize a savings in that the A-team’s work will fall to ILL’s responsibility. It will mean more work for RDS staff as well. Group discussion ensued bringing up the following points:

Judy asked that we go into the ILLiad training, which will be held in early June, with an eye to what services we think should be offered and how much additional staff support will be needed to fulfill those services. ILLiad lending will begin right after training is complete; borrowing by RU uses will start July 1. The two systems cannot be run parallel; a definite switchover is necessary.

Katie will set up a forum in Sakai for continued discussion of this topic.

2. Multi-volume returns of Palci/ ILL items.

Rebecca requested that multi-volume sets sent via Palci/ILL be held at each location until the entire set has been returned.

Group members shared how they have handled this situation. Douglass uses red slips attached to the band but required the patron to check out all the volumes that are sent. LSM keeps the extra volumes the patron may not need/want to a separate shelf and matches them up with the volumes that were checked out when the patron returns them.

Patrons that are barred/blocked in WF cannot use Palci – b/c will not authenticate. This feature will not carry over into ILLiad since there is no connection between the two systems.

3. REQ's: form, Blocked Off-Campus – request should be cancelled; there is a macro for that.

Discussion followed as to whose responsibility it is to determine if a book is damaged when it has been requested via RDS. The consensus was that it should be the owning library’s and they should stamp the book “Damaged on checkout” prior to sending it to the pickup location.

4. J-Client – training will begin in June. Katie requested that we work with it as much as possible and note anything we find to be weird on the Sakai forum so it can be discussed.

5. Information Sharing

LSM – Holly explained LSM’s method for tracking multi-volume sets

Alex – Katie asked that we keep thinking about ideas for ILLiad parameters and J-client questions

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