Minutes of July 31, 2007 meeting

Katie Anderson, chair; Maryanne Nesbit, Carolyn Foote; Dorothy Grauer, Pat Bellanca, Krista Dandurand, Priscilla Lee, Holly Muller, Drue Williamson


  1. Document Delivery: training, scanning, questions, problems
  2. ILS/PALCI items: trapping holds
  3. J-Client: toolbar, macros
  4. Year-End report
  5. Information Sharing

1. Free document delivery using ILLiad is scheduled to start on August 7th. Judy has updated the documentation to include some questions and issues that came up during the training.

2. The group had previously discussed ILS/PALCI items coming from the ILS office without being put in transit. It was suggested that ILS start to trap the holds in their office before shipping them to the pickup location. ILS will be trapping the holds starting August 1st. When receiving these items, circulation staff can now just use the discharge function to make the hold available.

3. No changes have been suggested by the RSG group for the RDS toolbar so they will be sent as is to Systems for setup. The new macros for book requests will be ready by August 13th. There will be no macros for articles because we will be using Document Delivery now.

4. The 2007 Annual Report has been completed and uploaded to Sakai. It includes all the projects the group has completed and the goals for the upcoming year that we discussed in our last meeting.

5. Information Sharing

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/resource_sharing_group/minutes/resource_sharing_group_07_07_21.shtml
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