Minutes of October 2, 2007 meeting

Not provided.

Meeting begins with introduction of two new members: Karen Alberque from ILL and Nancy Kim from Imaging Services.

New Staff resources Pages

New Staff Resources pages should be up by end of October. Members have been working on changes in format and have updated documentation. Website will be primarily be used by the group.

Link to website is available at: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/access_serv/resource_sharing/resource_sharing.shtml

Further documentation is still needed and Katie will ask for volunteers. Group can make recommendation for any changes or improvements. Forward any comments or suggestions to Katie

RSG Toolbar and Macros

RSG toolbars should now appear on individual Workflow logins. Katie shared that RSG toolbar can also be added to other logins. Please email Katie list of logins if you would like toolbar added to other machines.

Macros have been working well upgrade to J-client. Katie has made changes to the Book macros. Revised macros are available on Alex T-drive: T:/common/keyexp/RSG-JClient2007-revised.KE2

Group members are encouraged to let Katie know if there are any problems or there is need for different wording or additional macros.

Questions from Sakai

Group posted two questions on Sakai for discussion:

a) Odyssey

1) If document was already sent, was there a way to check for that article easily again?

2) Are location using the basic functions of Odyssey, which includes the use of edit, crop and rotate?

b) Reserves

1) If a book is on hold for patron, but it is needed for Reserve. What is the correct procedure?

Reserves has priority:

2) Can Reference books be placed on Reserve?

Document Delivery

Group has heard positive feedback from patrons about quick turnaround time.

a) Questions

Question arose if there was a way to check for outstanding requests. For example, you print out the request but then it becomes lost. Is there a way to see a list of things waiting?

Rae added if items are DDSTACKS but have not been closed out, could those items be found?

In the past if item were not worked on for 7 days, staff would be notified. Rebecca will discuss with Glenn to check on the possibility on checking on the DDSTACKS cue and putting requests back into locations. Katie shared that she was able to move the columns in ILLIAD and was able to save her changes. It was suggested to moving the location column to the first column to avoid unnecessary scrolling.

Rae suggested that Electronic journal for should be created as a cancellation option. Rebecca has added Electronic journal as cancellation reason in ILLIAD. Staff are to provide the link to journal in the open field when canceling for this reason. Group was also instructed to re-route requests with articles not found to ILL WAITING, rather that Document Delivery Not Found. ILL office does not check the Document Delivery Not Found cue. For any requests not able to be processed by RSG staff, ILL staff will fill or forward.

Group also discussed if staff are to process article requests more than 30 pages. It was decided upon that the decision to scan an article or to send the entire journal for articles more than 30 pages would be made by local staff. If the entire journal will be sent, staff will need to verify patron's pickup location. Instructions on how to verify patron's pickup location have been distributed through email by Katie.

b) Suggestions

During the discussion group also make suggestions in changes to the request form. Most members agreed that an Author field would be helpful in locating articles with incorrect citations. Currently this is not a requirement.

Karen also suggested requiring volume and issue number on the request form.

Rebecca added that she would also like to add patron's ID number.

Drue suggested to add a note on request form indicating if on home campus, not to request articles more than 30 pages.

Information Sharing

ALCHL - Pat announced there is new librarian at Alcohol studies. Been busy with lots of requests.

CAMDEN - Katie announced that she will be on leave after next meeting and while away, Holly will be stepping in as facilitator of the group's meetings.

CHANGE - Rae expressed that many of the graduate students are using the free Document Delivery feature.

DANA - Carolyn shared that they have been busy.

DGLSS - Ray announced that it would be May's last week at Dglss. She will be retiring after more than 26 years.

ILS - Karen shared that staff should only be canceling requests, when electronic journal or bad citation. When canceling because of e-journal, please provide patron with link.

ILS - Rebecca shared that ILLIAD should not be open if not being used. Keeping open while not in use slows processing speed.

LSM - Drue shared that patrons like the new Document Delivery service, especially with the quick turnaround.

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