Minutes of March 25, 2008 meeting

Karen Alberque: ILS (Alex), Katie Anderson: Camden, Ray Balter: Douglass, Krista Dandurand: ILS (LSM). Recorder., Kristin Ko: Art, Maria-Liza Kostic: Annex, Meghan Lord: Alex, Nita Mukherjee: Douglass, Holly Muller: LSM, Will Torres: Alex, Drue Williamson: LSM


  1. Announcements
  2. Book chapter requests
  3. ILL
  4. Canceling Requests
  5. Barred/Blocked Users
  6. Information Sharing

1) Maria-Liza Kostic from the Annex is welcomed to the group.

2) Book Chapter Requests- Many of us have been receiving Document Delivery Requests for chapters and sections from books. The consensus is that requests from circulating items should be converted into holds. To convert Doc. Delivery Requests into holds, display the full request and click “show” at the top of the screen. Select the option for “patron information”. This will give you the patron’s preferred pickup location. There is no need to contact the patron directly to get a hold location. Create a hold in for the patron at their preferred location using Workflows. The request can then be canceled in ILLiad using the OTHER cancellation option.. Reference items should be treated the same as periodicals, meaning that we will scan sections, up to 30 pages, from reference materials. At the time of the meeting, it was still undecided as to whether we will scan things over 30 pages from reference books. Note: Requests from Reference items exceeding 30 pages will be canceled and converted to In-Library Use Only holds.

3) Glenn Sandberg has asked that Doc. Delivery staff notify him before any planned absence. This way, requests can be re- routed to eliminate backlog. Staff and students working at the front desk should be reminded to discharge all ILL books. Many books have been mailed back to the Interlibrary Loan office still charged out to the patron. Also, please be sure to review the “receive item” procedures so that hold pickup notices will be sent out when ILL / PALCI items arrive at the pickup location.

4) Canceling Requests- If you are unable to fill a request, even if the citation looks wrong, route the request back to “Returned RU Article Awaiting ILL Processing” queu. It is helpful to include a note if the problem is not straightforward. Requests that are over 30 pages can also be sent back. If another library appears to hold the item in question, it is okay to re-route directly to that library. If you have a duplicate request, it is okay to cancel one of the requests. Just be sure to put in the reason for cancelation.

5) Barred / Blocked Users- Barred and blocked users are not automatically blocked from using Doc. Delivery. Because there is no way (that we are aware) to have these users automatically blocked from the system, we feel it is best to continue to fill requests, regardless of the account status. This will keep our procedures uniform and prevent patrons from being unfairly singled out.


Douglass- Busy with Palci and Doc.Delivery Requests.

Alex- Things have been busy, even during Spring Break.

Camden- There has been a backlog of scanning due to staff shortages

LSM- Survey on Doc. Delivery is going out to a randomly selected group of users soon. The information gathered will be presented as part of a poster session at NJLA

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