Minutes of July 29, 2008 meeting

Katie Anderson: Camden; MaryAnne Nesbit: Camden; Pat Bellanca: Alcohol (recorder); Krista Dandurand: LSM; Priscilla Lee: Kilmer; Holly Muller: LSM; Drue Williamson: LSM; Liz Kostic: Annex

This portion of the meeting was short due to the fact that MCU was down campus wide.
These are the minutes for the three locations which were able to videotape: CAMDEN, KILMER and LSM.
A second meeting was also held via videoconference.
Dorothy Grauer: Dana
Ray Balter: Douglass
Nita Mukherjee: Douglass

Unable to connect to Alex (Nancy Kim Hammells, Jennifer Holland, Meghan Lord, Rebecca Lou Will Torres)

1. Katie welcomed two new members to the RGS group: Roselyn Riley and Jennifer Holland.

2.Katie asked for volunteers for the Working Groups:

Ask-A- Librarian responses for Resource Sharing: Krista, Holly, MaryAnne, Meghan
Update documentation to reflect J-Client: Priscilla, Ray
Training Outline for Circulation Staff: Drue, Pat, Carolyn, Liza, Nita
Staff Resources Page: Dorothy, Jennifer, Will, Rebecca, Nancy
Working Groups can use Saki and email to work on goals.

3. Discussion on Annual Report and statistical information on Saki, regarding filled article requests showing dramatic increase in article delivery.

4. Discussion on the documents brought to the meeting:

Book Delivery/Recall- new screen shot from changes to InProcess location.

Book Special Request (In-Process/Pending)- new screen shot

Multi-site videoconferencing

Minute taking

Information Sharing

Drue has created documentation for problem shooting with scanners, which she will post to Saki.

Priscilla let the group know that Barry Lipinski will be away till the end of August, please contact another member of the Billing Group during Barry’s absence.

New (color) scanners need to be recalibrated.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/resource_sharing_group/minutes/resource_sharing_group_08_07_29.shtml
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