Minutes of January 27, 2009 meeting

Katie Anderson (coordinator, recorder), Krista Dandurand, Carolyn Foote, Dorothy Grauer, Nancy Hammell, Meghan Lord, Holly Muller, MaryAnne Nesbit, Roselyn Riley, Will Torres, Paul Young

The group welcomed Paul Young.

1. Scanning Requests-Equipment

Katie inquired about the equipment and methods being used for scanning at the different locations and whether there were any problems.

2. Microforms Form

A group member inquired about an old form that was previously used for microforms. The group determined it was no longer being used. Katie will notify the creator.

3. Microfilm Band

It was determined that an old In-House Use only band for microforms was not being used and not necessary for updating. Katie will contact Sam to have it removed from the Staff Resources pages of the Resource Sharing Group.

4. Resource Sharing Update for LRC

Judy shared her PowerPoint on Resource Sharing with the Group. It is posted on Sakai and group members were encouraged to take a look at the statistics.

5. Working Groups Report

Ask a Librarian answers for Resource Sharing Group questions were presented by the working group. These will be posted to Sakai for group discussion and then forwarded to the AAL group for inclusion into the standard replies. The group met via Sakai chat and commented that they were unable to cut and paste into Sakai to share their information.

6. Memberships

Changes were made to the working groups to account for membership changes. The Staff Resources Page group will include updating documentation to reflect J-Client (previously a separate group). That group is: Dorothy, Will, Rebecca, Nancy, Ray and Katie. The Training Outline working group is: Drue, Pat, Carolyn, Liza, Nita and Roselyn.

7. AM/PM Request Reports

It was suggested that these REQ reports be combined into one daily report rather than two, since there are so few of them. Katie will contact Systems.

8. Blue PALCI band Fines

It was suggested that the libraries implement a fine to patrons who remove the Blue PALCI band, as returns without the bands cause considerable more staff time.


There was a discussion about problems with PALCI and the difficulties with processing items. Katie will contact Chris Sterback to determine the best way for the group to notify him of the problem.

The next meeting will be held Tuesday, Feb 24th at 2:30 via Sakai Chat.

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