Minutes of February 24, 2009 Meeting

Katie Anderson, Ray Balter, Pat Bellanca, Krista Dandurand, Dorothy Grauer, Nancy Hammell, Kristen Ko, Maria Kostic, Meghan Lord, Nita Mukherjee, Holly Muller, MaryAnne Nesbit, Will Torres, Drue Williamson, Paul Young


  1. Data Migration
  2. Barred Patrons in Illiad
  3. AAL Answers
  4. Band Removal Fine
  5. Illiad procedures
  6. Information Sharing

Data Migration

There was a discussion regarding Data Migration and how it will affect scanning Articles. Some locations will be saving locally or to a flash drive.

Barred patrons in Illiad

ILS is barring patrons as they are made aware of them. It is only a manual process. If you are aware of a patron requesting articles who is Barred in WF, please contact ILS.

AAL Answers

ASC suggest that the RSG group review the answers and make sure the vocabulary is more patron friendly and to avoid "internal" jargon.

Band Removal Fine

There will not be a fine for removal of PALCI/ILL bands. However patrons can be dealt with on an individual basis with the option of blocking users who show continual abuse.

Illiad Procedures

Current procedures will be posted to Sakai for discussion in a future meeting to be posted to Staff Resources. Priority.

Information Sharing

Palci problems seem to have improved though still showing some slowness at times.

Paul reported that the front doors of Kilmer have been fixed.

Drue reported that the new scanner set up at LSM is working well.

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