Minutes of April 28, 2009 Meeting

Raymond Balter, Patricia Bellanca, Krista Dandurand, Carolyn Foote, Dorothy Grauer, Nancy Hammell, Maria Kostic, Meghan Lord, Rebecca Luo, Holly Muller, Nita Mukherjee, Mary Nesbit, Roselyn Riley, William Torres, Drue Williamson, Paul Young

The group met at 2:30 pm on 4/28/09 in the Sakai chat room.

PALCI Data Lost

The loss of PALCI data on 4/9/09 and 4/10/09 has not caused many problems at the circulation desks. There was only one instance reported of a patron losing a request they submitted.

IRIS Pulldown Menu Standardization

The group reviewed the different pull down menus in IRIS. The libraries are displayed differently in the Deliver / Recall and the Special Request sections of IRIS. A patron wrote to AAL with the concern that listing Paul Robeson Library as "Camden Library - Camden" might cause it to be mistaken for the Camden public library. Group members agree that standardization between the menus would be helpful in reducing confusion. The group will take time over the next week to review the pull down menus and determine how to standardize them.

Missing Pages

Some members of the group have reported that they have noticed an increase in missing journal pages when they are scanning for Article Delivery. The missing pages do not seem to be a widespread problem. Group members decided to adopt a policy of checking for missing pages before getting started and marking these articles as unfilled father than sending a partial article to "get patrons started".


Group members were informed of the Relais demo which will take place on 5/14.

E-Z BORROW / ILL Damaged and Lost Books

Reminder- Rutgers cannot accept replacement copies for lost or damaged books borrowed from other libraries. Damaged books should be forwarded to Glenn Sandberg for evaluation. We do take the standard $102 replacement charge. If you collect money for a lost ILL / E-Z Borrow book, please inform the interlibrary loan department.

Information Sharing

Holly Muller at LSM mentioned that some EZ-Borrow books have been returned directly to LSM rather than to the borrowing library. This creates a problem because the book will not be discharged from the patron's record at their home library. The group will review this problem in depth at the next meeting. All other libraries shared that they are currently experiencing problems with their air conditioning, and that the libraries are very hot.

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