Minutes of June 23, 2009 Meeting

Raymond Balter, Patricia Bellanca, Krista Dandurand, Carolyn Foote, Dorothy Grauer, Meghan Lord, Mary Nesbit, Roselyn Riley, William Torres, Drue Williamson


At out last meeting, Holly Muller mentioned that some EZ-Borrow books have been returned directly to LSM rather than to the borrowing library. This creates a problem because the book will not be discharged from the patron's record at their home library. The group discussed the possibility of putting a sticker or stamp on the band of books that we borrow from other libraries. The sticker would read "please return to your home library" or "please return to any Rutgers library". The PALCI bands that we use for books we send out currently say "Return to Rutgers University". Although this message is intended for ILL staff, some students have been following it. We could change the language on our bands to read "borrowed for you from", rather than "return to" in an attempt to avoid confusion.

Review of Doc Delivery / ILL Written Instructions

RSG members confirmed that they are aware of the scanning instructions available on the staff resources page, and that these instructions are accurate and adequate. These instructions are intended primarily for use by staff who do not do Doc Delivery / ILL on a regular basis. The instructions will also be a helpful guide for new staff. It was agreed that we need an updated list of contact information for everyone who does Doc Delivery / RDS / ILL.

Information Sharing

Alcohol Studies- Things have been quiet with RDS, which has afforded them time to do other work, such as shelf reading.

Alex- No information to share

Art- No information to share

Dana- No information to share

Douglass- A weeding project is being conducted before the shift of the East Room. This is all being done in preparation for the relocation of the Media Department.

LSM- No information to share

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