Minutes of March 23, 2010 Meeting

Pat Bellanca, Kristi Conover, Krista Dandurand, Carolyn Foote, Dorothy Grauer, Maria Kostic Meghan Lord, Rebecca Luo, Holly Muller, Mary Anne Nesbit, Roselyn Riley , Will Torres, Drue Williamson, Paul Young
Ray Balter, Eugene McElroy
Nita Mukherjee

The Resource Sharing Group met in Sakai chat.

The entire agenda for this meeting was devoted to the discussion of paging books for hold from the home campus / library. The group is working on a proposal in which we would allow users to place holds on books that are located on the same campus as their pickup location. Currently, these requests are canceled manually. Members came up with a number of pros and cons to paging books from the home location. A consolidated list of pros, cons, and other considerations can be found below.



Other considerations

At the end of the discussion, the New Brunswick Libraries came out in favor of paging books from the home location while the Camden and Newark Libraries were opposed to the idea.

Information Sharing

Alcohol Studies - No news to report.

Alexander- No news to report.

Annex- A squirrel broke in, made a nest and had babies. All squirrels have since been relocated.

Art- Busy, no other news to report.

Camden- All books have finally been shifted, and they are making good use of the new compact shelving.

Chang- No news to report.

Dana- No news to report

Kilmer- New energy efficient lights have been installed.

LSM- RELAIS training should take place in April or May. RELAIS will completely replace the old PALCI system by the end of August.

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