Minutes of November 29, 2011 Meeting

Not reported.

The Resource Sharing Group met in Sakai chat.

Those selected for testing Symphony 3.4 were reminded to report any findings to Krista by Thursday, Dec. 8th. Resources for testers are posted to the Sakai site.

The group discussed ongoing problems with PALCI. Branch libraries have still been receiving loans directly from the lender, even though these books should be sent to a main library for processing. Branch libraries have been advised to look at the patron name and pickup location on the blue PALCI band. If these lines have been highlighted, then the book has been processed at one of the main libraries. If it has not been highlighted, then it was sent directly from a lending library. Branch libraries should report this to Krista Haviland or Glenn Sandberg.

The first draft of the RELAIS manual is nearly complete. After Krista pulls together all of the submissions from group members, we will meet as a group to edit the manual.

The group discussed plans for a holiday luncheon meeting sometime during the January break.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/resource_sharing_group/minutes/resource_sharing_group_11_11_29.shtml
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