Minutes of February 28, 2012 Meeting

Ray Balter, Kristi Conver, Carolyn Foote, Dorothy Grauer, Krista Haviland, Liza Kostic, Melanie Miller, Holly Muller, MaryAnne Nesbitt, Jennifer Rieber, Roselyn Riley, Drue Williamson, Paul Young

The group met from 2:30-4:30 in the LSM Special Collections Room. Video conferencing to Alexander, Dana and Robeson Libraries was made available.

Relais Manual

The group devoted most of the meeting to reviewing the Relais manual. Some changes were made, and the group then approved the manual for posting on the staff resources page.

Books By Mail

Based on a reading of services available at Penn, the group re-visited the topic of sending books by mail. The group is quite enthusiastic about further promotion of such a service to users with disabilities. They are also willing to launch a similar service at Rutgers, limiting the service to faculty and graduate students. To be eligible, users must reside in the U.S. or Canada, and live more than 50 miles from New Jersey. Anyone living closer should be able to get whatever they need through the Rutgers Delivery Service, since our campuses are spread throughout the state.

Odyssey Reasons For Cancellation

The group discussed the "Reasons for Cancellation" available in Odyssey. We are hoping to eliminate some reasons, which are irrelevant to Document Delivery scanning, such as "non-circulating". We are also hoping to add a button for "circulating item converted to hold", since many of us find ourselves typing this phrase in repeatedly.

Information Sharing

Robeson- The compact shelving installation is complete. Library staff is also looking for our support through phone calls, emails and petition signing to show that we do not approve of the Rutgers-Camden / Rowan merger.

Dana- There are ongoing problems with student employees not showing up. Full time staff still manage to get about 10 requests per day completed, in spite of the lack of help.

Douglass- There have been major shifts and relocations including moving the music collection upstairs, and the creation of an instructional alcove in the basement. Kristi Conover is now spending part of her time at Douglass.

Art- Nothing new to report.

Math- A shift is underway, and periodicals are being sent to the Annex.

Annex- Has been receiving a large volume- 50- 100 bins per week- of transfers from other libraries.

LSM- Lobby of LSM now has a flatscreen TV for viewing the news or an array of informative slides designed by reference staff. Vending machines have also been moved to the lobby area. An eating section with tables and chairs will be added soon, once a shift and weeding of the reference section is complete.

Chang- Has been getting a large number of article requests. They will soon have their first group study room, which can accommodate about 6 people.

Imaging Services- Branches are now posting articles to the web, which has helped speed up work at Imaging Services.

Kilmer- Due in part to the recent campus renovations, Kilmer has been getting close to 3,000 visitors per day. The computer lab will add new machines over the break, doubling the size of the lab. New study tables are also being added to the building.

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