ROARS Coordinators: Charge

The Rutgers Online Automated Retrieval Service (ROARS) is a librarian-mediated online information retrieval service offered by the Rutgers University Libraries. ROARS policy is contained in Public Services Policy Memo 2: Reference and Information Service.

The Public Services Council monitors the systemwide coordination of ROARS, recommending policies and procedures for the service. A coordinator for database searching is appointed at each library to oversee the day-to-day operations of ROARS.

ROARS coordinators account for costs related to system maintenance, searcher updates on news, etc.

In the case of long overdue and unpaid balances for ROARS searches, the ROARS coordinator will first make personal contact with the individual who made the search request to discuss payments. Procedures for cessation of borrowing privileges will be initiated if payment is not forthcoming following this contact.

Beyond the initial level of contact, the coordinator will judge what succeeding levels of contact should be made, by the unit librarian or by the university librarian. The library coordinator in conjunction with the library director will decide when contacting the individual's departmental chairperson is warranted.

The coordinators maintain all records for ROARS accounting, including ready reference searching, at each library. Statistics maintained are: date of search, searcher, database(s) used, cost, service charge, date paid.

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