Cabinet Response to the Libraries Route 18 Task Force Report Recommendations

Cabinet acknowledges the excellent work of the Rt. 18 Task Force, chaired by Farideh Tehrani and endorsed many of the recommendations. The majority will be referred back to the specific units for plans to implement. With others we agreed that we needed to assess the impact of the work before making major changes. This was most important related to flexible workweek. We will most likely not make any specific changes until after January when the impact is known. Our goal is to be as flexible as possible with changes that allow us to meet the needs of the university - class times, weekly schedules, and needed office hours. To that end, the compressed workweek may not be suitable, as it will restrict the number of staff available throughout the week. Cabinet responses to specific recommendations are as follows:

General Recommendations



Course Reserves

Student Staffing

Late Night Study

Reference and Instructional Support Issues

Imaging Services

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