Rutgers University Libraries Advisory Committee: Charge

The rapidly changing information environment presents the Libraries with many opportunities to enhance the creation, distribution, and acquisition of knowledge. The long-range plan for the Rutgers University Libraries calls for the need to "move aggressively, but intelligently, towards the creation of a new library system that takes advantage of these emerging technologies to enhance collections and services." Broad based initiatives, such as the Public Library of Science and the Electronic Society for Social Scientists, propose new formats and processes for the dissemination of scholarly information. Many research libraries have become partners in developing these initiatives or are hosting sites for the creation of new digital products, such as databases and electronic archives, that support the research interests of their communities. Concurrently, the Libraries continue to acquire and preserve print materials.

To ensure effective planning and decision-making, the Libraries must maintain a close relationship with the members of the University community. To support the Libraries' efforts and in response to a recommendation of the New Brunswick Faculty Council, I am establishing a Rutgers University Libraries Advisory Committee to provide advice to the University Librarian to ensure that the programs, services, and collections of the University Libraries meet the research, instruction, and service priorities of the community. The committee is charged to:

I am writing to ask you to be a member of the Rutgers University Libraries Advisory Committee. The Committee will be chaired by Marianne Gaunt, University Librarian, and will meet two to three times a year. Members will serve for a two- year term. Please contact Libraries Administration at 732/932-7505 or by e-mail ( and indicate your willingness to serve.

I hope that you will are willing to contribute to this important Committee. The Libraries are at the academic heart of the University and we all must work together to insure their continued excellent progress.


Joseph J. Seneca
University Vice President for Academic Affairs

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