Minutes of November 29, 2012 Meeting

Devanas, Fishman, Gaunt, Hawkesworth, Masschaele, McGill, Morrell (conference call), Wasserman
Womack, Mullen

Integration with UMDNJ - Gaunt

Gaunt gave an overview of the planning associated with the integration of UMDNJ as it affects the Libraries. A high level Steering Committee on which Dr. Barchi sits reviews all the major decisions made by the 14 committees that comprise the planning. Price Waterhouse Cooper has been hire to oversee all the planning and to provide support to the committees. The 14 committees include such areas as compliance, legal, student services, financial services, research, payroll, and academic and educational programming. Each committee is co- chaired by a Rutgers and UMDNJ administrator. There is a Libraries subcommittee of the Academic and Educational Programming committee chaired by Gaunt and Cohn (UMDNJ). Meetings of the A&EP committee take place every week.

UMDNJ libraries operates as a system across their campuses with a library in Newark (main library), RWJ Hospital in New Brunswick, and the Stratford Campus in South Jersey. We are proposing to integrate those operations into the Rutgers libraries as a single system, but will continue to operate the physical facilities. This means a single reporting line to a system-wide academic officer (likely the Exec. VP for Academic Affairs) and a budget allocated centrally. This organizational structure will affect the way we plan for integration and therefore must be approved at the Steering Committee level. Cohn and Gaunt will be presenting this proposal in early January.

There are numerous areas where decisions and planning are taking place. We hope to make our collective databases available to all constituents on day one (July 1, 2013), but we need to reconcile the costs and contracts of hundreds of databases. We each have unique subscriptions as well as overlapping ones, and costs are usually based on size of community. All contracts will apply to a larger group of users and therefore costs will rise. We hope to integrate our online catalogs for day one as well to make it easier for users to navigate the combined system. That will mean that UMDNJ librarians will need to learn and use our system by July 1. Circulation policies will need to be reconciled.

Decisions for some areas will depend on decisions made elsewhere. For example, UMDNJ has nursing programs on three campuses; Rutgers has 2 Nursing schools on three campuses, and Nursing in Newark and New Brunswick will become part of the new Biomedical and Life Sciences reporting to a new Chancellor. Will courses still be taught in all these former UMD and Rutgers locations going forward? Where should print nursing collections reside on the three campuses? How many nursing liaisons should the libraries have? Nursing in New Brunswick is now supported out of LSM and for UMD its RWJ; in Newark they are supported out of Dana library and UMD's Smith library.

The School of Osteopathic Medicine of UMDNJ in Stratford is going to Rowan University per the legislation, but several other UMDNJ programs that also reside in Stratford will become RU programs, such as nursing, School of Health Related Professions programs, and School of Public Health programs. There is a library there that UMDNJ operates to support all these programs, but the library is also going to Rowan. How will RU support those Rutgers programs that remain there? We are working with other committees related to Stratford to determine what is going to happen with the transfer of that School and the Stratford campus to Rowan.

We are confident that we can handle the merger and that the combined libraries will be even stronger, as each side brings something to the table in the integration. We know that in mergers there is an expectation of savings due to duplicate operations. Neither UMDNJ or RU are over-staffed, and we hope that any staff savings through re-organization of functional units will allow us to support the new areas for growth related to research services and student learning. The committee said they are ready to support us if there is a need for new financial support related to integration.

Research Services - Womack

Open Access - Mullen, Womack

Laura Mullen, Behavioral Sciences Librarian spoke about the Open Access resolution that was recently passed by University Senate. Laura assisted the Senate's Research and Graduate Education Programs Committee in preparing the resolution. She described all the planning and discussions that took place to educate the faculty to the issues and seek advice and feedback before writing the proposal. It is based on the Harvard policy, and covers both faculty and graduate students. She remarked that the graduate student on the committee and other students to whom they spoke were very enthusiastic about making their publications more widely available early in their career. She noted that our policy is unique in who it covers, and that it also references the ability to make the data attached to the published article open access as well. Since the Senate is advisory to the president, he needs to respond before the policy is official, but he spoke positively at the Senate meeting about it so we expect a positive official response soon. There is an opt-out clause for those who are unable to make their publication open access due to publisher restrictions or other reasons. The next steps after approval of the policy is to ensure there is a simple and easy process for faculty deposits both at the Libraries end with RUcore, and for the faculty.

Mullen noted that the policy affects publications that occur after the date that the policy becomes official, although we would certainly accept any previous publications if faculty wished to contribute them. She asked about the deposit process in the departments and approaches that might be useful, such as departmental assistants and chairs who could help inform the faculty and answer questions. It was noted that deans also need to know and support the policy. Faculty need only send the Libraries as copy of their article via e-mail and we can handle all the back room checking on rights for deposit. Mullen noted that many more publishers are allowing deposit. Masschaele and Fishman suggested that we do a pilot with a department or discipline to demonstrate what the publication portal concept. We might also investigate linking the text of articles to the faculty survey and its use to produce the 1-A for promotions. Exec. VP Edwards does a quarterly report on faculty publications/achievements and if we could get copies of these we could follow up with faculty. Wasserman noted that while the policy is focused on articles and not books, there is another category of publications, such as conference proceedings that are problematic. Publishers frequently compile conference proceedings or publish books that include work based on a conference presentation. No publisher will accept works that have already been made open access, and presenters may not be aware of this if the presentation is videoed and made generally available or the paper put in the institutional repository.

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