Minutes of March 28, 2013 Meeting

C. Coe, D. Fishman, M. Gaunt, S.Golbeck, J. Kukor, J. Masschaele, M.McGill, A. Norris, D. Pitts, M. Wasserman
L. Mullen, J.Otto, T. Purger

RU Open Access Policy

Mullen and Otto provided background on the University's open access policy, which was approved by President Barchi following a senate resolution. What is needed now is to develop an implementation plan. Exec. VP Edwards has oversight and he has recommended that the VP for Information Services and University Librarian and the VP for Research have the immediate oversight of the implementation. The resolution recommended a number of items to be included in implementing the policy. Gaunt had discussions with Breslau on how to proceed, and both agreed that an existing committee familiar with the issues might be the best way to proceed. Both agreed that RULAC could serve in that capacity with additional members as needed. After some discussion at RULAC we determined that a subcommittee of RULAC with additional members as determined by the subcommittee would serve as the implementation planning group. Coe, Fishman, Goldbeck, and Norris agreed to serve, along with Lauren and Otto from the Libraries. The group will consider other members, especially graduate students.

All agreed that we need to make the implementation process easy for faculty and its purpose important. We must educate the graduate students, identify cohorts and get the message out. Identify the benefits and make sure students know at least one year before they are on the job market.

Need to examine models in place that already work well, such as DASH at Harvard. The RU interface needs to be attractive. May need to develop tutorials to demonstrate how to use the repository and its benefits and provide educational programs in the unit to ensure that they are aware of the policy. We should also consider integrating with the IRB in the process. The Libraries can join ROAR and COAPI, both of which are organizations supporting various aspects of open access internationally so that we benefit and participate in international initiatives. We agreed that the working group will report back periodically to RULAC on their progress.

Beta Version of Libraries New Website

Purger discussed and demonstrated the beta version of the Libraries new website that is planned for release in June. The new version is based on an ethnographic study of users, feedback on our current site, and user testing. We are using Drupal as a content management system for the site, but not all pages have been converted. We are also looking at how the UMDNJ libraries will be incorporated into the site. The goal of the new version is to make the site more intuitive, easy to use, and easy to maintain. The toolbar at the top of the page will provide the basic navigation of the site and appear on all pages. Changes in content will now be managed at the local level once Drupal is implemented, making the site easy to update or change. Security for the site will also be improved. Public roll-out is in June.

University's Strategic Plan and the Libraries

Gaunt shared information on the strategic planning process that is underway. President Barchi and the Boston Consulting Group have done an analysis of the standing of the university compared to peer institutions and the state to help set a context for planning discussions. There is a lot of information to digest, and the process is moving forward swiftly. Online surveys are gathering input from campuses, and various committees have been set up to coordinate findings. It is clear from discussions thus far that the President wants to identify areas of strengths and uniqueness for the university as we move forward. He has noted that the arts and humanities need to be strong so that the rest of the university benefits. Concern was expressed that the historical strength of the university might be lost in this process and that the vision for funding might be optimistic. Gaunt noted that the Libraries will be reviewing our current strategic plan to see if some of the goals and themes can fit into the university's plan. We will need to change to align ourselves when the final plan emerges. We will come back to this committee with ideas when we know more. Barchi intimated that funding will go to units who can advance the university plan, and all campuses and units will need to align themselves with the new plan.

Other Updates

There was little time remaining but Gaunt mentioned that the integration planning with UMDNJ Libraries is going well. Numerous teams are working together to plan a functional integration as of July 1. President Barchi has agreed that we can create a single library system by integrating the two libraries at UNDNJ - Smith (Newark) and RWJ (New Brunswick). We are working on consolidating our electronic journal subscriptions, which will be a very tedious job.

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