Minutes for November 11, 2005 Meeting

K. Au, R. Becker, J. Boyle, N. Borisovets, R. Brown, J. Cassel, M. Fetzer, C. Finlay, J. Gardner, R. Gardner, M. Gaunt, T. Glynn (recorder), R. Golon, K. Hartman, W. Hemmig, R. Jantz, M. Kesselman, T. Kuchi, L. Langschied, E. Leister, P. Libutti, J. Mardikian, K. Mulcahy, L. Mullen, P. Page, V. Pelote, P. Piermatti, F. Puniello, J. Shepard, J. Sloan, E. Stec, L. Sun, A. Watkins, M.B. Weber, M. Wilson, R. Womack.

Executive Summary:

The Strategic Planning Committee continues its work and hopes to submit a report with recommendations by the end of the semester

The Mentoring Program Task Force submitted a preliminary report. They will continue their work with input from library faculty, particularly from untenured librarians.

LibQUAL+ responses have been compiled and analyzed, and will help guide the development of the strategic plan.

The university will submit to VP Furmanski for potential consideration by the NJ congressional delegation a request for federal "earmark funds." The Libraries will submit a proposal to the university that the request include $500,000 for the processing of congressional papers in Special Collections and University Archives.

The Planning and Coordinating Committee in the coming months will be examining workload issues as they relate to library faculty.

The meeting was called to order at 9:15 a.m.

1. The agenda was adopted with one modification. Introduction of new librarians was added as item number two.

2. Two new librarians were introduced. Li Sun is the new Asian languages cataloger at Technical and Automated Services. Bill Walker is a new Librarian V at Kilmer Library, focusing on reference and instruction.

3. Minutes of the June 3, 2005 faculty meeting were unanimously approved as submitted.

4. Continuing Business: Update on the Libraries' Strategic Plan- R. Becker

The Strategic Planning Committee continues its work on developing the Libraries' strategic plan for the next five years. The strategic plan will provide an overarching, long-term vision from which our annual goals are derived. The strategic goals outlined in the current draft of the document mirror the strategic goals of the University and are organized into the following areas: academic excellence; students and campuses; service and constituency relations; resources for Rutgers; and leadership and administration. The data derived from the LibQUAL+ survey will certainly influence the further development of the plan. Also, the university-wide Library Advisory Committee will meet on December 2 to discuss the plan. The committee welcomes input from all stakeholders. They hope to submit a report with recommendations by the end of the semester.

5. New Business: Preliminary Report from the Mentoring Program Task Force-M.B. Weber

A formal mentoring program was one of the recommendations of the Task Force to Increase Faculty Diversity. The Mentoring Program Task Force would like to develop a two-year trial mentoring program. It would offer to all new tenure-track librarians mentoring that would acclimate them to the culture of the Libraries, alert them to professional development opportunities, and help them to present a strong tenure case. It was stressed that participation would be voluntary for mentors and that there would be provisions for either party to terminate the relationship at any time. Mentors would be vetted and thoroughly trained.

The faculty discussed the report at some length. There was general agreement that the tenure candidate should always consult closely with his or her unit director and solicit advice from colleagues system-wide, but that he or she is ultimately responsible for exercising sound judgement and crafting a tenurable packet. There was, however, some concern over implementing a formal mentoring program. It was suggested that mentors might in some cases mislead a mentee by offering advice that conflicted with other faculty in the candidate's unit and that it would awkward for either the mentor or mentee to end the relationship. Some faculty felt that mentoring relationships should evolve naturally. Others stressed that all tenured librarians have a responsibility to provide mentoring for their untenured colleagues.

The report will go back to the task force for further input. There will an open formum at a later date to discuss the proposal in greater detail. It was noted that at the mentoring workshop in June 2004 nontenured librarians expressed a desire for a formal program. Nontenured faculty are especially encouraged to communicate their concerns and opinions. The members of the task force are: Mary Fetzer, Jackie Mardikian, Laura Mullen, Francoise Puniello, and Mary Beth Weber (chair).

6. Report of the University Librarian- M. Gaunt

On November 9, Bob Sewell, Grace Agnew, and Ka-Neng Au presented at the Research Support Symposium sponsored by the Libraries, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP), and the Office of Instructional and Research technology (OIRT). They discussed ways to find research resources on the Libraries' webpages and the use of d-Rkive, the Rutgers Knowledge Repository, to support faculty research products.

Anne Murray of the University of Cambridge Library visited RUL recently. Rutgers was one stop on a study tour of American university libraries that also included Yale, Columbia, Princeton, and New York University. Murray spent a full day learning about the Libraries' services, administration, and technical infrastructure. The Research Libraries Group may develop a more formal program of study tours for university librarians from different countries. Murray recommends visiting a smaller number of institutions in order to foster a more focused experience and bringing along a group of administrators from the same library so that they can exchange ideas during the course of the tours.

Responses to the LibQUAL+ survey have been compiled and analyzed. A PowerPoint presentation, a summary report, and a full report will all be posted on the Libraries' webpages. We scored quite high in "service affect," which measures quality of service and responsiveness, but were assessed less favorably in "information control," which measures research resources. There was also consistent concern regarding "library as place." Undergraduates and especially graduate students want quiet places in the libraries to study. The LibQUAL+ results will be discussed at all of the councils and they will help guide the development of the new strategic plan. We want to demonstrate to our users that we are taking LibQUAL+ seriously, that we listened to their responses and planned accordingly.

The University Librarian recently attended a symposium on "Managing Digital Assets" sponsored by the Association of Research Libraries and other groups. The focus was on the acquisition and preservation, as well as the management of institutional data. Speakers discussed, among other matters, the development of institutional repositories and establishing policies for digital assets. Many of these same issues are also being addressed at Rutgers' Office of Information Technology, but this is certainly an area where the Libraries can take the lead. The presentations at the symposium can be viewed at: http://arl.cni.org/forum05/

The university administration has asked units to develop proposals for a request that Rutgers will submit to VP Furmanski for potential consideration by the NJ congressional delegation for federal "earmark" funds. The Libraries will ask for $500,000 to process various collections of congressional papers in Special Collections and University Archives. It is unclear what the university's strategy will be when it submits the request, but this should be an appealing project. We hope to submit a proposal for the earmark funds each year from now on.

7. Report of the Faculty Coordinator- M.B. Weber

The Planning and Coordinating Committee has been active in a number of important areas during the current semester. The committee reviewed the report of the Mentoring Program Task Force reported on above. It also discussed the RUL group questionnaires and completed a questionnaire for the Planning and Coordinating Committee. All of the groups have completed their questionnaires. They will be posted in a Sakai site so that all faculty and staff can access them easily.

The committee began an examination of librarian workload issues. Sara Harrington and Roberta Tipton conducted a literature review to put our efforts in a larger context. One important first step will be to identify tasks that represent committed time, that is, responsibilities such as committee assignments or reference desk shifts that require a librarian be in a certain place at a certain time. Brent Ruben, Director of the Center for Organizational Development and Leadership, will meet with the committee to discuss workload issues.

The New Jersey Library Association has raised its recommended minimum salary for librarians. We should always try to match this minimum. This will require a change in when Cabinet establishes the RUL minimum, since NJLA may announce a new recommendation any time during the course of the year. In past years, Cabinet established its minimum salary on July 1.

8. There were no communications.

9. Report of Members Serving on University Bodies

Reports were distributed via email. Natalie Borisovets added to her report that the University Senate has endorsed a draft of the university copyright policy. The Senate expressed its appreciation of the role the University Librarian played in the development of the policy. Once the policy has been approved by President McCormick and the Board of Governors, it will be incorporated into the university regulations.

10. Reports of standing committees were distributed earlier via email.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.

Following the faculty meeting, Eileen Stec gave a presentation on the Project SAILS information literacy assessment. The final report of the project may be viewed at: about the libraries>> staff resources>> public services>> reports.

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