Minutes for November 12, 2010 Meeting

Grace Agnew, Katie Anderson (remote), Ka-Neng Au, Stephanie Bartz, Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle, Ellen Calhoun, Jeris Cassel, Melissa De Fino (Secretary), Kayo Denda, Mary Fetzer, Lila Fredenburg, Judy Gardner (Coordinator), Rebecca Gardner, Marianne Gaunt (Convener), Tom Glynn, Sara Harrington, Karen Hartman, Qian Hu, Ron Jantz, Linda Langschied, Elizabeth Leister, Haipeng Li (remote), Mei Ling Lo, Rhonda Marker, Kevin Mulcahy, Jill Nathanson, Jim Niessen, Michelle Oswell, Caryn Radick, Donna Schulman, Bob Sewell, Gene Springs, Eileen Stec, Julie Still (remote), Li Sun, Gideon Thompson, Roberta Tipton, Mary Beth Weber, Myoung Wilson, Mark Winston (remote), Ryan Womack

The meeting was called to order at 9:25 a.m.

1. Adoption of the Agenda

M. Gaunt called for a motion to approve the agenda, which was moved and seconded by S. Harrington.

2. Introduction of New Faculty and Guests

One new faculty member was introduced: Gideon Thompson, SC&I Intern and Resident in the Libraries.

3. Approval of the Minutes - June 11, 2010

M. Gaunt called for a motion to approve the minutes of the June meeting, which was moved by J. Niessen and seconded by K. Mulcahy.

4. Unfinished Business

There was no unfinished business to discuss.

5. New Business

Faculty Vacation Policy (M. Gaunt)

M. Gaunt described changes to the library faculty vacation policy. While faculty accrues vacation the first day of the fiscal year, staff accrues vacation gradually throughout the year. According to the AAUP contract and the Rutgers University Faculty Employment Agreement, faculty serving on calendar year appointments are required to be in attendance for the entire year, with the exception of one month or 22 days vacation. Based on this, the University has informed RUL that vacation days cannot be carried over into the following year. Faculty that has carried over vacation days in addition to the 22 allotted for this year will have three years to use them. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis and must be made in writing to the appropriate Director or AUL.

Building the Library Faculty for the Future (M. Gaunt/J. Gardner)

M. Gaunt gave an overview of all library faculty positions lost and new faculty positions hired between 2000 and 2010. Funds are available to hire three new faculty librarians as the result of money put aside from the current AAUP contract to hire new tenure-track faculty. Additional opportunities to expand the faculty may also be available from our Target of Opportunity Hiring Plan, a part of our diversity initiative to recruit outstanding individuals from under-represented groups.

Cabinet has asked the Planning & Coordinating Committee (PlanCo) to provide advice for this process. PlanCo members are reviewing three potential areas for new positions: information literacy and undergraduate education, electronic resources and emerging technologies, and digital initiatives and digital archives. M. Gaunt asked for additional suggestions from faculty. Criteria for selection are as follows:

It was reported that New Brunswick faculty have been surveyed so that each faculty member has a voice in the decision process. They focused on areas rather than positions.

The positions must be filled by June 30, 2011. PlanCo will make their recommendations for position titles and job descriptions this month.

6. Report of the Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian (M. Gaunt)

M. Gaunt announced that $390 million in bonds has been put aside for capital improvements at the university. The last time the state gave the university money for capital improvements was 1988. Some projects are already underway, primarily for building projects that are revenue-generating such as the gateway building and dorms.

The University has hosted a gala for the kick-off of the public phase of the Capital Campaign. Fundraising activities will be increased. The goal of the University is to raise $1 billion, of which half has already been raised. The Libraries' have raised $3.5 million of our $9.5 million goal.

M. Gaunt and G. Agnew have had a conversation with the University about an NSF proposal on sharing data. They have suggested using RUcore for this project and making the libraries the repository for data. Some of the cost for the Libraries can be built into the grant proposal. M. Gaunt noted that this is the key to our future of supporting the sciences. The benefit of using RUcore is that faculty can link their data to ETD's and faculty publications that are already in RUcore. This is an opportunity to preserve university data centrally.

7. Report of the Faculty Coordinator (J. Gardner)

PlanCo has met twice so far this year. They are focusing on two goals:

1. The Planning and Coordinating Committee will provide information and analysis regarding the library faculty to the RUL strategic planning process. PlanCo will research the desired ratio of RUL faculty to staff, identify and describe the kinds of faculty positions needed in the future and what new positions could be created.

2. The Planning and Coordinating Committee will redefine the role of liaisons. Building on the work of and in collaboration with the Committee on Scholarly Communication and the Liaison Action Team, PlanCo will describe new liaison roles and their importance, and the resources needed to develop skills required to assume new roles.

8. Communications

The New Brunswick Faculty Council passed a resolution on the dates for non-tenured faculty to have their promotion packets to the dean for the review process. It asked the deans to consider lengthening the time frame. VP Furmanski had shared it with the deans for their consideration. The Libraries already meet the new deadline requested.

9. Report of Members Serving on University Bodies

Reports were disseminated previously via email.

10. Reports of Standing Committees

Reports were disseminated previously via email.

11. Adjourn Business Meeting

The meeting was adjourned at 10:55 a.m. An open forum on distance education began at 11:05. Guest Rich Novak spoke about the distance education program at Rutgers. M. L. Lo and J. Nathanson presented a response to his presentation and also discussed what RUL is currently doing to support distance education.

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa De Fino
Faculty Secretary

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