Minutes for November 11, 2011 Meeting

Katie Anderson (remote), Stephanie Bartz, Ron Becker, Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle, Catherine Carey, Kayo Denda, Mary Fetzer, Bonnie Fong (remote), Tom Frusciano, Melissa Gasparotto, Judy Gardner, Rebecca Gardner, Marianne Gaunt (Convener), Tom Glynn, Karen Hartman, Qian Hu, Tom Izbicki, Ron Jantz, Martin Kesselman, Kevin Mulcahy, Jim Niessen (Coordinator), Jane Otto, Fernanda Perrone, Janice Pilch, Caryn Radick, Keir Reavie, Donna Schulman, Jane Sloan, Gene Springs, Eileen Stec, Gideon Thompson, Li Sun, Minglu Wang (remote), Mark Winston (remote), Ryan Womack (Deputy Coordinator), Connie Wu, Tao Yang (Secretary)
Joe Consoli, Wen-Hua Ren

The meeting came to order at 9:15am.

Adoption of the Agenda

The agenda was adopted. The Interim Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Richard Edwards was unable to attend, but he will meet with the library faculty at a special meeting on December 1st. Dr. Edwards will talk about his vision, the library's role in the University, the UMDNJ merger, and the search for the future president; there will be time for the Q&A.

Introduction of New Faculty and Guests

Gaunt introduced five new faculty members: Keir Reavie (Associate Director, Dana Library), Minglu Wang (Data Services Librarian, Dana Library), Janice Pilch (Copyright and Licensing Librarian), Catherine Carey (Processing Archivist, SCUA), and Caryn Radick (Digital Archivist, SCUA).

Approval of the Minutes - June 10, 2011

The minutes were approved.

Unfinished Business

Ad hoc faculty committee on Leadership Development - Jim Niessen

The Planning and Coordinating Committee had been working on developing a proposal since the summer. The proposal was distributed prior to the meeting. Niessen highlighted some key points:

Members recommended a change to the phrase "aspiring leadership roles", asked about the difference between the leadership training and regular professional development programs (more specifically in relation to the funding), and expressed concerns about the impact on faculty time of having another committee. Gaunt noted she will fund the program with the University Librarian's Excellence Fund. Niessen commented that the ad hoc committee will have time to work out the issues being raised.

The LEAD proposal will proceed to the Rules of Procedure, who will hold a special election for the faculty members of the committee.

New Business

Bylaws change for establishing new unit - Li Sun

On behalf of the Rules of Procedure, Sun proposed to add a new faculty unit "Planning and Organizational Research" in the bylaws section VIII, in order to accommodate a new faculty member. Members discussed whether this arrangement is beneficial to the individual and sensible in the organizational structure. The proposal then proceeded to a vote and was approved by a large majority.

R. Gardner suggested an additional change to the bylaws section VIII, to revise "Faculty shall be divided into…" to "Faculty shall be composed of…". The Rules of Procedure will propose this change at the next faculty meeting.

Debriefing on program of faculty use of media - J. Otto, J. Sloan

Otto noted the context of the program, including the ongoing development of the open source catalog, the proliferation of videos (particularly RUcore and NJvid at Rutgers), and the lack of user data on video use in higher education. She is initiating a three part research project - the faculty forum, a survey, and the follow-up interviews. The University community showed considerable interest in the forum, with half of the participants being teaching faculty. Otto is looking into preserving the speaker presentations in RUcore.

The forum featured presentations by three professors from SC&I, Anthropology, and English, followed by a discussion. Sloan thought that the teaching faculty members are very interested in engaging students with images - they use short clips to provoke class discussions and bring influential scholars into classroom through videos. As a follow-up, she noted that the Media Center can make clips out of videos and will try to improve the notification mechanism. But the indexing service for videos, particularly the visual indexing, is still under-developed in the commercial market.

In conclusion, Otto and Sloan saw three interrelated issues for media (rights, technology, and content purchase and metadata creation) that need to be dealt with collaboratively in the Libraries and the University. Other members applauded the program as an example of new liaison roles, particularly for bringing people across the University together.

Update on scholarly communication activities and discussion of future directions - T. Izbicki, L. Mullen, J. Otto

Otto sits on the Research and Graduate and Professional Education Committee of the University Senate, which has shown interest in developing an open access policy. A charge related to this issue was adopted by the committee, but may need to be revised.

Mullen gave an update of the activities of the Committee on Scholarly Communication. CSC is continuing the discussion of the NSF data mandates. The Open Access Week program on Wikipedia generated some publicity. A symposium on the changes in peer review is being planned, in collaboration with SC&I. Other issues on its agenda include: collaboration across the disciplines through VIVO, conversations on digital humanities, HathiTrust, RUL journal publishing program, and RU Press collaboration.

Izbicki remarked that CSC is venturing into more areas of scholarly communication. Pilch added that a toolkit is being developed for depositing conference materials, including videos, Powerpoints, and presentations, into RUcore; initially this will be limited to conferences held in the Libraries.

Report of the Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian - M. Gaunt

At the last Senate meeting, President McCormick reported that the merger with Robert Wood Johnson Medical School is very likely to happen (he and the UMDNJ President issued a joint statement). Rutgers and UMDNJ have set up 12 joint committees to work on the transition. There will be a library sub-committee in the Academic Affairs Committee; Gaunt will have more to report on that later. The president also stated that the University has no plans to take on other UMDNJ parts in the Newark or Camden campus.

Internationally, the University is focusing on five countries: Liberia (Kesselman and Wu have a project there), Indonesia, Brazil, India, and China. The Libraries are interested in mutually beneficial collaborations.

Dodge Foundation is interested in using RUcore to preserve the videos and audios of Dodge Poetry Festival. The Libraries have the skills and infrastructure, but this may take a tremendous amount of time. The project is currently at the stage of information finding.

The University is strengthening its ties with the New Brunswick community. A faculty tour of the city is being planned, which will be an opportunity to engage the community and let them help shape faculty research; Gaunt encouraged people to participate. The University is also providing grants for faculty research on New Brunswick issues, and the scope of the grants program may expand after the initial period.

Gaunt will send out a form for people to fill out about their formal roles in University bodies and (non-library) departmental committees/taskforces in the last three years.

Report of the Faculty Coordinator - J. Niessen

Niessen noted that the number of seats in the University Senate correlates to the number of faculty in each unit and the three new lines added in the spring helped the Libraries retain the second senate seat. Besides the LEAD proposal, the committee worked on the strategic plan comments.

Niessen presented the three goals of the Planning and Coordinating for this year:

Reports of Members Serving on University Bodies

The reports were distributed prior to the meeting. There were no questions.

Reports of Standing Committees

The reports were distributed prior to the meeting. There were no questions.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:42am.

Submitted by Tao Yang, Faculty Secretary.

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