Minutes for May 11, 2012 Meeting: RUL Faculty Special Meeting Minutes

Grace Agnew, Katie Anderson (remote), Ka-Neng Au (remote), Stephanie Bartz, Ron Becker, Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle, Katie Carey, Melissa De Fino, Kayo Denda, Bonnie Fong (remote), Lila Fredenburg, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, Marianne Gaunt (University Librarian), Tom Glynn, Karen Hartman, Theo Haynes (remote), Melissa Just, Martin Kesselman, Nancy Kranich, Elizabeth Leister, Mei Ling Lo, Jackie Mardikian, Rhonda Marker, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Jill Nathanson, Jim Niessen (Faculty Coordinator), Jane Otto, Fernanda Perrone, Janice Pilch, Francoise Puniello, Keir Reavie, Gene Springs, Li Sun, Farideh Tehrani, Roberta Tipton, Sandra Troy, Mary Beth Weber, Donna Wertheimer (remote), Myoung Wilson, Mark Winston, Ryan Womack (Deputy Faculty Coordinator), Tao Yang (Secretary)
Karen Stubaus

The meeting was called to order at 9:37am.

The only agenda item is the NTT faculty appointment/promotion procedures and criteria.

Gaunt said that the EVPAA Edwards has approved the RUL process of formulating the criteria and procedures Gaunt submitted. The RUL Planning and Coordinating Committee led by Jim Niessen (through June 30) and Ryan Womack (after July 1) will coordinate the faculty input. A working group consisting of NTT faculty will provide input as well. A report is due to EVPAA Edwards by July 27 as stipulated by the six month window in the contract.

Karen Stubaus, Associate VP for Academic Affairs was invited to talk at the meeting. The main points of her talk are:

Stubaus also answered questions from the faculty.

Q: What will happen to RWJ librarians after the merger? Can they use clinical faculty titles?
A: The use of clinical faculty titles is very different in the Medical School. There will be some time before the difference can be reconciled. The current exercise concerning NTT focuses on existing Rutgers units.

Q: Must the RUL have a parallel title series?
A: The central admin has no preconceived position. Clinical and research tracks have parallel title series, but instruction track does not. There is some desire for a parallel instruction title series.

Q: What is the maximum length of appointment for NTT?
A: There is some tension between job security of NTT faculty and the ability of deans to cut budget at a moment's notice. Five years seem to be the max for NTT appointments.

Q: How do part-time lecturers fit into the picture?
A: PTLs are entirely different -- they are hired on a course by course basis and belong to a different bargain unit. But NTT can also be part-time.

Q: What is the appropriate process of promoting NTT?
A: The central admin has no preconceived position.

Q: Can NTT reappointment/promotion go through A&P?
A: There is no policy against it. It is possible to include NTT in A&P when reviewing NTT reappointment/promotion. It is also possible to have a review committee of all NTT faculty or none.

After Stubaus left, Gaunt called a short break.

The meeting resumed at 10:39. Gaunt thought that the University is very flexible and recognizes the unique situations in different units. She was given a template of the report for EVPAA, which asks for NTT title series, criteria for appointment, reappointment, and promotion, and procedures for appointment, reappointment, and promotion. Planning and Coordinating Committee will work on this. She then opened the floor for general discussion.

Some main questions and comments are:

The meeting adjourned at 11:37am.

Submitted by Tao Yang, Faculty Secretary

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