Minutes for October 31, 2014 Meeting

Consuella Askew, Ka-Neng Au, Ron Becker, Natalie Borisovets, Jeanne Boyle, Leslin Charles, Judy Cohn, Janet Croft, Adriana Cuervo, Kayo Denda, Joseph Deodato, Roberta Bronson Fitzpatrick, Bonnie Fong, Tom Frusciano, Rebecca Gardner, Melissa Gasparotto, Marianne Gaunt (University Librarian), Francesca Giannetti, Tom Glynn (Deputy Faculty Coordinator), Karen Hartman, Tom Izbicki, Ron Jantz, Michael Joseph, Melissa Just, Nancy Kranich, Triveni Kuchi (Faculty Coordinator), Linda Langschied, Yu-Hung Lin, Mei Ling Lo, Megan Lotts (Faculty Secretary), Christine Lutz, Jackie Mardikian, Kevin Mulcahy, Laura Mullen, Jill Nathanson, Jane Otto, Laura Palumbo, Vincent Pelote, Janice Pilch, Caryn Radick, Keir Reavie, Jon Sauceda, Julie Still, Li Sun, Elizabeth Surles, Minglu Wang, Ann Watkins, Mary Beth Weber, Krista White, Zara Wilkinson, and Tao Yang

Meeting was called to order - 9:15 a.m.

1. Adoption of the Agenda

There was one minor change. The demonstration of SOAR will precede the discussion of the implementation of our open access policy. There was a motion made to adopt the agenda. Agenda was adopted unanimously.

2. Introduction of New Faculty and Guests (5 minutes)

The following new faculty members were introduced: Janet Brennan Croft, Consuella Askew, Christine Lutz, and Jennifer Hunter.

3. Approval of the Minutes

x June 6, 2014 minutes were voted on and approved.

4. Old Business - none

5. New Business

a) Open Access Policy Implementation within RUL - (Mullen, Otto)

The Rutgers Open Access Policy will go into effect on Sept. 1, 2015, and RUL will need to have its departmental plan in place. This issue was taken to PlanCo in September for discussion, and revised wording was brought back to PlanCo in October. A draft of the RUL OA policy plan was presented to the full faculty. The RUL plan would stipulate that RUL authors would deposit all articles in SOAR (soar.rutgers.edu) at the time of acceptance for publication. SOAR DOIs will be needed on all articles reported on area updates, and mid-year and annual reports. A motion was made to accept this plan, and the faculty voted in favor. Details will be worked out through PlanCo, and the final plan will be posted on the library faculty webpages under "Open Access" before Sept. 1, 2015.

b) Scholarly Open Access Resources (SOAR) (Mullen & Otto)

Jane Otto and Laura Mullen demonstrated the Scholarly Open Access at Rutgers (SOAR) portal. The current SOAR team is made up of designers and developers responsible for the SOAR website/portal. SOAR is a service of RUcore, and there will be a soft roll out on January 1st, 2015. The "SOAR discussion group of 4" will be a team discussing issues such as copyright, waivers, embargoes, etc. This team's series of discussions will inform the creation of the SOAR FAQs. If you have questions about SOAR or the Open Access Policy, please contact Jane Otto or Laura Mullen or stop by one of the "drop-ins" for library faculty. Mullen and Otto are setting up these informal drop-ins at the request of PlanCo so that library faculty have the opportunity to discuss any aspect of the policy or SOAR before "Day One" in September.

c) MLIS requirement for academic librarian positions.

We discussed the requirement for a Master's of Library Science degree stipulated in the "University Library Policy with Respect to Qualifications for Appointment at Librarian Rank." This was first discussed in the Planning and Coordinating Committee, following the posting of an opening in Special Collections and University Archives. There seemed to be general agreement to amend that document by adding the following sentence: "Candidates for archival positions in Special Collections and University Archives and in the Institute for Jazz Studies must possess either a graduate library degree or a comparable graduate degree in which coursework has focused on archival studies." We will vote on this at the spring faculty meeting.

6. Report of the Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian (Gaunt)

  1. Search process for University Librarian- A search firm has been hired. It has not been officially announced, but Richard Novak will be chairing the committee. There is hope an official announcement will be coming soon.
  2. Senate Budget and Finance Committee- There was an excellent presentation on the university debt policy, and there are ways to re-structure debt that can help save money.
  3. RUL budget- Kevin Mulcahy will be meeting with Vice President Edwards today to present the faculty petition. Abbey DiPaolo and Marianne Gaunt met with Mike Gower and believe they understand RUL's problems and hopes that moving to RCM will change this. In January there will be an opportunity for RUL to make a case moving forward. The Libraries are looking at a 3 million dollar deficit and have also taken on unfunded mandates such as CIC, inflation, and raises. In the past salary savings have been used for this, but there is much less salary savings because we will be giving back many of these lines. There is gift money, endowment money, and quasi endowment money. The libraries have many endowments, but they are small and are targeted for specific means. There is reserve money, and cabinet has agreed to take $800,000 out of this money. Of this money $150,000 will go to collections, and $650,000 to operations. This money will save us this year, but won't help us next year.
  4. CIC- There was a library directors meeting in November. There was discussion about Open textbooks. This topic was previously discussed and put aside but is now back on the table.

7. Report of the Faculty Coordinator (Kuchi)

PlanCo is pursuing two goals this year: One to continue work on the visibility of library faculty, with a focus on individual visibility as well as highlighting the librarian as a resource; and two, to review Core Competencies of librarianship. There will be an update later in the semester from the sub groups working on these matters. . PlanCo has begun discussions, and will share detailed minutes regularly. More information will also be shared at the March faculty meeting. PlanCo is continuing to monitor and participate in the NTT librarian of practice process. If you have questions, please contact Lila Fredenburg. The committee has discussed Open Access implementation plans (on the agenda for this meeting) and further discussions on scholarly communications may be planned for the spring. The month long Myanmar librarian research tour at the Rutgers University Libraries ended today, and their next visit will be to Northern Illinois University.

8. Communications

Kuchi announced that the library faculty have a communication for their Dean. She then read out a resolution in appreciation for Vice President of Information Services and University Librarian Marianne Gaunt from the Faculty of the Rutgers University Libraries, which was authored by Deputy Faculty coordinator Glynn. The resolution was cheered and voted on unanimously. A copy of the resolution is reproduced at the end of these minutes.

9. Reports of Members Serving on University Bodies

10. Reports of Standing Committees

11. Adjourn Business Meeting- 11:00 a.m.

Please note from 11:15 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. will be a presentation and discussion on Assessment and Information Literacy presented by Leslin Charles and Melissa Just. The program is open for all RUL faculty and staff.


Faculty Committee Reports October 2014
(In order of submission to RULeveryone list-serv)

Dear all,

New Brunswick faculty Council had two meetings in this semester.

You can find September 12, 2014 meeting's minutes: http://nbfc.rutgers.edu/year14_15/Minutes091214.html

October 17, 2014 meeting

The minutes will be distributed when available.

Melissa Gasparotto and Li Sun

Fall Semester 2014 - Rules of Procedure

In accordance with the committee's charge for the fall semester ROP:

Stephanie Bartz and Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic, RoP Co-Chairs

To: RUL Faculty

The LEAD Committee reviewed 1 application for leadership training by RUL librarians, administrators and staff since June; we recommended that application. We have also received a number of inquiries about the program and posted notices about additional possible leadership opportunities. When new opportunities become available, we are forwarding them to RUL Everyone and updating our web site accordingly.

For more information about the LEAD program and leadership opportunities, go to: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/lib_fac/lib_fac.shtml and scroll to Leadership Education and Development Program (RUL LEAD).

Nancy Kranich, Chair
Roberta Tipton
Jeanne Boyle

The Newark Faculty Council met for the first time this fiscal year on October 1. Minutes for the meeting are not yet available. The major topic of discussion was the strategic plan (http://www.newark.rutgers.edu/strategic-planning), released on September 22, and how Rutgers- Newark will begin implementation of the plan. The main concern of faculty is funding for the new initiatives outlined in the plan.

Submitted by Keir Reavie


Please find attached the notes from the meeting of the Scholarly and Professional Activity Committee held on September 4, 2014. The committee meets in person once per year.


Scholarly & Professional Activity Committee Notes
September 4, 2014

Charge: The Committee on Scholarly and Professional Activity shall consist of five elected members. The term of office shall be for three years. The Committee shall be responsible for presenting seminars and programs relevant to the research and publications interests of the Faculty, for maintaining liaison with the Faculty of the School of Communication, Information and Library Studies and other professional groups for this purpose, and shall assist the University Librarian in the publication each year of a list of publications by faculty members. 5/23/97

  1. We anticipate new information from PlanCo and await notification from them as they seek to address SAPAC's charge later in the year, after doing some work on documenting the core competencies, fundamental duties, and professional development of librarians at Rutgers.
  2. We determined that our charge should stand as is but for the needed updating of the title of the School of Communication and Information. We will reach out to specific SC&I faculty and staff as needed to present and participate in our activities. There was a recommendation to invite an instructor from SC&I who teaches gaming and literacy.
  3. We will send SAPAC's activities when there is a call for Area Updates so as to fulfill the last statement in the charge.
  4. We aim to host a variety of events including panels, brown bag lunch discussions, workshops, PechaKucha presentations, and debates. One idea for the latter is something addressing Teaching and Legal aspects with Janice and Steve Garwood from SC&I.
  5. Some topics that were suggested are
    1. Change management
    2. Time management
    3. Stress management
    4. Operating in a time of budget crisis
    5. Latest practices, new procedures, latest technology, etc.
  6. Leslin will send out a call for 'proposals'. From there we will determine how many sessions we will aim for this academic year.
  7. SAPAC will co-sponsor Open Houses that will be hosted by the Committee on Universal Inclusion on a rolling basis across the system.

All members were present:
Leslin Charles
Melissa Gasparotto
Janice Pilch
Caryn Radick
Zara Wilkinson

The Personnel Policy & Affirmative Action Committee has been working with last year's Committee to revise the Guidelines for Evaluation of Service and Guidelines for Evaluation of Librarianship. We lost one member, Catherine Carey, but in consultation with the Rules of Procedure Committee elected to continue the rest of the academic year with just four members.

Melissa De Fino
Chair, Personnel Policy & Affirmative Action Committee

The LRC report follows.

LRC Report for October 31st Library Faculty Meeting

Since the Library Faculty's June meeting, the Library Resources Council has been focusing on the collections budget, collection enhancement through collaborative collection development and training initiatives, preservation and policy review. The group also approved a set of objectives and actions for 2014-15 which were submitted to the Associate University Librarian for Planning and Organizational Research.




Policy Review


The University Senate report is attached and below. Enjoy!

Jane Otto

Rutgers University Libraries Faculty
University Senate Report
October 30, 2014

Since the last Libraries' faculty meeting (June 6, 2014), the full University Senate met once, on September 19. (On October 24, committees and caucuses convened, but the full Senate meeting was canceled.)

On September 19, Dr. Barchi summarized his administrative report, which was emailed that day to the Rutgers community.

The other primary item of business pertained to the procedures for selecting commencement speakers and honorary degree recipients. In July, the Senate Executive Committee, on behalf of the University Senate, composed and issued a Response to Charge S-1405 on Procedures for Selecting Commencement Speakers and Honorary Degree Recipients. The charge was to consider, and make recommendations to ensure that, the procedure for selecting Commencement speakers, as well as those who receive honorary degrees, seeks and provides sufficient opportunity for input from the Rutgers community.

The committee concluded that given recent changes in University structure, and the replacement of a university-wide commencement by three separate campus-based commencements, a new policy inclusive of adequate representation of faculty, students, staff, and alumni is needed. It made a number of recommendations, and issued a charge to the University Senate's University Structure and Governance Committee to work with the University administration to specify details of the processes.

Background, discussion, and the Committee's 11 recommendations may be found in its report: http://senate.rutgers.edu/EConS1405HonoraryDegreesCommencementSpeakersWithAppendicesJuly2014.pdf

In addition, there was brief discussion of the Executive Committee's removal of its approval contingency in respect to the integration of the legacy UMDNJ School of Nursing (Stratford) program with the Rutgers School of Nursing - Camden. On May 16, 2014, the Executive Committee, on behalf of the Senate, had issued a statement as follow-up to its May 2, 2014 statement on the proposed union of the two units: "Contingent on a mutually satisfactory conclusion of the Labor Management Committee meeting process, the University Senate Executive Committee, on behalf of the University Senate, endorses the Proposal for Union of Nursing Programs and Personnel on the Stratford Campus of the Legacy UMDNJ School of Nursing with the Rutgers School of Nursing-Camden." The Executive Committee became informed that the meeting process had satisfactorily concluded, so the Senate's contingency was removed. The Senate therefore offered its approval without qualification of the union of the two nursing units.

University Senators:
Natalie Borisovets
Jane Otto

Report to the RUL Faculty, Oct. 31, 2014


Since the last RUL faculty meeting, the Committee on Scholarly Communication (CSC) has heard updates on:

CSC continues to discuss aspects of the Rutgers Open Access Policy implementation work, such as the development of SOAR (Scholarly Open Access at Rutgers). Open access will continue to be a focus of CSC's work this year due to the Libraries responsibility for the policy's implementation university-wide.

CSC's "Information for Researchers" page, found at:
continues its development with a new Digital Humanities panel coming soon.This page is designed as a "one stop shop" for brief introductions and contact information for major research services including:

CSC will develop content and may solicit contributions for regular updates to the Rutgers Office of Research and Economic Development's regular newsletter, an information resource sent to more than 500 subscribers at Rutgers.

A group viewing of the ACRL webinar on SHARE/CHORUS for Open Access Week was sponsored by CSC, and planning for a large event (or series of events) will be underway for next fall's OA Week when the university's OA Policy will have just gone into effect.

CSC acknowledges the interest (especially among early career researchers) in the "scholarly networking" space, and the Committee will be discussing tools such as Mendeley, Academia.edu, ResearchGate, LinkedIN, ORCID and others in order to understand the Libraries' role in assisting users with these tools.

CSC welcomes input and additions to its agenda at any time.

Respectfully submitted,
Laura Bowering Mullen
Chair, Committee on Scholarly Communication (CSC)

The User Services Council worked on a policy to manage public computer login records, allowing unused records to be purged for reasons of privacy and security.

We reviewed and discussed a number of projects important to our users, including a draft of the new SOAR interface for faculty deposits of scholarly work in RUcore, results of a user study on Articles+, the Marketing Committee's branding survey, the coming of the VuFind interface, access to the Hathitrust, the RUL Wikipedia project, and the READ project, which will allow measurements of reference effort to be recorded.

Presentations to faculty and staff included altmetrics with Yingting Zhang and media with Jane Sloan.

Respectfully submitted,
Yu-Hung Lin, Co-Chair
Bobbie Tipton, Co-Chair

Resolution of Appreciation for Vice President of Information Services and University Librarian
Marianne Gaunt
from the Faculty of Rutgers University Libraries

Whereas, Marianne I. Gaunt began her career at Rutgers University Libraries in 1979 and has served as University Librarian since 1997 and, later, as Vice President for Information Services and University Librarian,

Whereas, Vice President Gaunt has announced her intention to retire from the Libraries effective December 31, 2014,

Whereas, in a career spanning more than four decades, Vice President Gaunt has been a leader and a pioneer in the library profession, serving on the governing boards of the Association for Computing and the Humanities, the New Jersey Center for the Book, the Center for Research Libraries, and LYRASIS, and as president of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL), and the Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc. (PALCI) and was the founding chair of the Virtual Academic Library Environment of New Jersey (VALE),

Whereas, with initiatives such as the Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities (CETH) and the New Jersey Digital Highway (NJDH), Vice President Gaunt has ensured that the Libraries have remained at the forefront of innovation in the library community and, leading the Libraries into the twenty-first century, has worked tirelessly to provide scholars at Rutgers with access to the widest range of scholarly resources possible,

Whereas, in thirty-five years of service to the University, the State and the library profession, she has earned the respect and affection of all those who have had the privilege of working with her,

Whereas, that the Faculty of Rutgers University Libraries hereby express their heartfelt appreciation and esteem for her vision and leadership and wish her every happiness as she begins a new chapter in her life,

Whereas, that this resolution be spread in full upon the minutes of the Faculty of the Rutgers University Libraries and that a suitable copy thereof be presented to Vice President Gaunt.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/groups/rul_faculty/minutes/rulfac_14-10-31.shtml
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