Minutes of the October 13, 2003 Meeting

Present: Ruth Bogan, Sara Harrington, Triveni Kuchi, Penny Page, Ryan Womack (Chair)

Rules of Procedure met to consider the issue of elected campus representatives to the Coordinating Committee, as currently specified by the Faculty Bylaws.

In recent years, these representatives have not been elected in separate elections as the Bylaws state they should. While in theory, elections would be the fairest way of ensuring campus representation, the committee feels that in practice, additional elected positions would be very difficult to fill and create complications in the election process. The committee therefore recommends revising the bylaws to make the campus representatives to Coordinating Committee appointed positions.

However, it is important to ensure campus representaiton, especially given the current proposed restructuring of the university. In particular, the New Brunswick campus representative should be reminded about the necessity of communicating and representing all units (Public Services, Special Collections/University Archives, New Brunswick Libraries, and Technical and Automated Services) in the greater New Brunswick/Piscataway metropolitan area.

The committee will draft bylaws revisions for discussion at the next Coordinating Committee meeting.

Other discussion included a general concern at the difficulty in finding enough faculty to run for positions, a problem which may only become more acute in the future.

Submitted by Ryan Womack

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